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Measure Date Enacted Country
State of New Hampshire Emergency Energy Assistance Programs September 2022 United States

Through the “State of New Hampshire Emergency Energy Assistance Programs,” funding of 35 million USD was made available “for emergency energy assistance for New Hampshire residents . . .  to help with high energy prices this fall and winter,” taking into consideration “higher energy bills due to the current high energy prices” resulting from “an […]

The Cabinet has Approved the Extension of the Credit Limit Approval Period for the EXIM Biz Transformation Loan Project from 31 July 2022 to 30 June 2023 August 2022 Thailand

The government extended “the approval period for the EXIM [Export-Import Bank of Thailand] Biz Transformation Loan project of the Export-Import Bank of Thailand” through June 2023. The program is designed to “help entrepreneurs affected by COVID-19 [who] want to improve machines or invest in new machines and increase the efficiency of the production process [and] […]

Royal Degree – Law 11/2020, of March 31 which Adopts Urgent Complementary Measures in the Social and Economic Field to Confront COVID-19 (Real Decreto-ley 11/2020, de 31 de marzo, por el que se adoptan medidas urgentes complementarias en el ámbito social y económico para hacer frente al COVID-19) June 2022 Spain

Noting that the COVID-19 health crisis “is having a direct impact on the economy and on society” and that in such “exceptional circumstances . . . the political economy should be oriented to . . . help the most vulnerable,” the government put in place a decree containing several provisions relating to housing. These include […]

United States v. Allen, 34 F. 4th 789 (9th Cir. 2022) May 2022 United States

The Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit reviewed a district court decision that, “at the height of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, prohibited members of the public from attending the defendant’s suppression hearing and trial and rejected the defendant’s request for video-streaming of the proceeding.” The Appeals Court found “that the court’s COVID protocols […]

Recommendations of the Office of the Plenipotentiary of the Government of the Slovak Republic for Roma Communities for Local Governments in Connection with the COVID 19 Disease (Odporúčania Úradu splnomocnenkyne vlády SR pre rómske komunity pre samosprávy v súvislosti s ochorením COVID 19) November 2021 Slovak Republic

The Office of the Plenipotentiary of the Government of the Slovak Republic for Roma Communities (ÚSVRK) launched a map portal to coordinate assistance needed by members of the Roma community and to enable organizations and individuals to register to provide targeted aid. In addition, ÚSVRK issued a publication containing recommendations targeted at local governments. The […]

Affordable Connectivity Program November 2021 United States

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is an extension of the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) which provided “a temporary discount on monthly broadband bills for qualifying low-income households,” including “[u]p to $50/month discount for broadband service and associated equipment rental” and “[u]p to $75/month discount for households on Tribal lands.” The EBB was scheduled to “end […]

Providing School Meals During the Coronavirus Pandemic October 2021 United Kingdom

Updated guidance contains provisions for providing meals during the pandemic, including among other categories: “providing meals for pupils attending school,” “support for pupils who have to stay at home,” “providing lunch parcels through the school catering team or food provider,” “free meals for further education students,” and  “expansion of the holiday activities and food programme.”

Home Affairs Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi Approves the Resumption of Identity Document (ID) Applications and Extends the Validity Period of Different Categories of Temporary Visas September 2021 South Africa

The Minister of Home Affairs “approved the resumption of Identity Document (ID) and passport applications and extended the validity period of legally issued visas or asylum permits which expired during the lockdown period to 31 December 2021.” This extension applies to, among others, “holders of asylum seeker visas/permits or refugee status” who “are permitted to remain in the country under the conditions […]

The Ministry of Justice Does Not Execute Deportation and Investigation to Encourage Foreign Nationals to be Tested and Get COVID Vaccination September 2021 Korea, Rep.

According to the Ministry of Justice, “[f]oreign nationals without a registration number (incl. illegal residents) can book their vaccination through a temporary code, which can be obtained by presenting their passport at a healthcare centre. Temporary code is issued to those holding an expired passport, expired residence card, (an) identification document(s) issued by diplomatic missions […]

Recover Portugal, Building the Future: Recovery and Resilience Plan (Recuperar Portugal, Construindo o Futuro: Plano de Recuperação e a Resiliência) August 2021 Portugal

The Ministry of Planning’s Recovery and Resilience Plan was enacted as an “instrument . . . to mitigate the economic and social impact of the [COVID-19] crisis.”  It contains a “component [that] aims to rehabilitate and make buildings more energetically efficient” to, among other things, achieve “social, environmental and economic benefits for people and businesses.” […]

Superintendency Resolution No. 000170-2021-Migrations (Resolución de Superintendencia No. 000170-2021-Migraciones) August 2021 Peru

Accounting for various “limitations and measures” due to the “state of health emergency declared by the Peruvian State due to COVID-19,” this measure contains provisions including: extending “the term of temporary or resident immigration status” that was first granted in March 2020, allowing “foreigners with an irregular immigration situation as of October 22, 2020 . […]

Helping People Who Use Substances During the COVID-19 Pandemic July 2021 Canada

Recognizing that “[t]he COVID-19 pandemic is adding to the ongoing public health crisis related to high rates of overdose and deaths, as well as acute substance use harms,” Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada are “taking a number of targeted actions to reduce the risk of harm for people who use substances” […]

Overview of Support Funds for Non-Profit 0rganization – Support Fund (Unterstützungsfonds für Non-Profit-Organisationen im Überblick) July 2021 Austria

The “NPO support fund” provides grants in the form of cash for organizations, including “non-profit organizations . . . that are officially closed due to the lockdown” to enable them to “survive” through the pandemic and “continue to fulfill social tasks.” Given that “numerous clubs are still suffering from the economic consequences of the Corona […]

Senate Bill 21-009 Concerning the Creation of a Reproductive Health Care Program, and, in Connection Therewith, Providing Contraceptive Methods and Counseling Services to Participants and Making an Appropriation July 2021 United States

This bill in Colorado notes that “[d]uring the COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial that family planning services remain accessible while keeping providers and patients safe,” that “[t]he needs of various populations must be considered, including adolescents, essential workers, and those who face issues around childcare, transportation, and affordability,” and that “providers may want to implement […]

Updated Nationally Determined Contributions July 2021 Sri Lanka

The Climate Change Secretariat of the Ministry of Environment launched its updated Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) “review process” in 2020, presenting, “as Party to the Paris Agreement . . . its updated Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) . . .  reflecting progressive and the highest possible […]

Supreme Court of India, Writ Petition No. 154 of 2020, Vinod Dua versus Union of India & Ors. June 2021 India

The Supreme Court quashed the FIR (first information report) that had been brought against journalist Vinot Dua in June 2020 while rejecting “the prayer that no FIR be registered against a person belonging to media with at least 10 years of standing unless cleared by the Committee as suggested.” The complaint had claimed that “in […]

IPIB Information on Open Meetings/Public Records & COVID-19 June 2021 United States

According to this directive, the Governor will “continue to temporarily suspend” provisions of the Iowa Code “imposing a requirement to hold a public meeting or hearing, to the extent that the statutes could be interpreted to prevent a governmental body from holding the meeting by electronic means.” The “governmental body” is required to provide “a […]

Nationwide “JaanHaiToJahaanHai” Campaign June 2021 India

The Ministry of Minority Affairs which works to “ensure a more focused approach towards issues relating to the notified minority communities” worked with “socio-educational organisations, NGOs and Women Self Help Groups” to “launch[] a nationwide ‘JaanHaiToJahaanHai’ campaign to create awareness on Corona vaccination in rural and remote areas of the country.”

CDC COVID-19 Funding for Tribes June 2021 United States

“As of June 15, 2021, CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] has provided $219.5 million to tribal nations, consortia, and organizations for responding to COVID-19 across tribal communities.” Of this amount, $152.8 million had the following stated purpose: “To support tribes and tribal organizations in carrying out surveillance, epidemiology, laboratory capacity, infection control, mitigation, […]

COVID-19 Contract Information June 2021 Canada

Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC)’s website “disclos[es] supplier names and contract values for contracts that it has entered into on behalf of other government departments and agencies for PPE and medical/laboratory equipment and supplies,” with some exceptions, for the purpose of “provid[ing] Canadians with information relating to Canada’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.” PSPC’s website also […]

IPIB Information on Open Meetings/Public Records & COVID-19 June 2021 United States

According to this directive, the Governor will “continue to temporarily suspend” provisions of the Iowa Code “imposing a requirement to hold a public meeting or hearing, to the extent that the statutes could be interpreted to prevent a governmental body from holding the meeting by electronic means.” The “governmental body” is required to provide “a […]

Supreme Court of India, Writ Petition No. 154 of 2020, Vinod Dua versus Union of India & Ors. June 2021 India

The Supreme Court quashed the FIR (first information report) that had been brought against journalist Vinot Dua in June 2020 while rejecting “the prayer that no FIR be registered against a person belonging to media with at least 10 years of standing unless cleared by the Committee as suggested.” The complaint had claimed that “in […]

2021 COVID-19 Stability Fund for Community and Voluntary, Charity and Social Enterprises May 2021 Ireland

“A funding of €10 million [was] announced for the COVID-19 Stability Fund for 2021.” The Fund builds on an earlier fund and is “open to all Community and Voluntary organisations, Charities and Social Enterprises providing certain critical services to the most at need in our society.” It is “focused on organisations providing supports and services in” […]

COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act May 2021 United States

Given, among other factors, that “[f]ollowing the spread of COVID-19 in 2020, there has been a dramatic increase in hate crimes and violence against Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders,” this law requires, among other provisions, that the Attorney General: “designate an officer or employee of the Department of Justice whose responsibility . . . shall be […]

Government of Spain Extends Temporary Lay-off Plans and Special Aid to the Self-Employed until 30 September May 2021 Spain

“The Council of Ministers has approved the Royal Decree-Law to defend employment and economic reactivation and to protect the self-employed.” This measures “includes the extension of the Temporary Lay-off Plans (ERTE) until 30 September 2021.” Other measures that will remain in place include: “the express prohibition on dismissing workers from companies using ERTEs due to […]

e-Litigation Platform- to Ensure Uninterrupted Access to Justice April 2021 Bhutan

Bhutan’s judiciary launched an “e-Litigation platform” in order “enable virtual hearing of cases” for the purpose of “ensur[ing] uninterrupted access to justice particularly for remote, far-flung communities during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.” The platform “will be piloted in seven courts covering 26 benches” including “the Supreme Court, the High Court, and the Sakteng Dungkhag […]

FDA Acting Commissioner Janet Woodcock has Notified ACOG [American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists] and SMFM [Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine] that the Agency will “Exercise Enforcement Discretion” Regarding Mifepristone though the Duration of the COVID19 Public Health Emergency April 2021 United States

The Center for Drug Evaluation and Research of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced in a letter that it “intends to exercise enforcement discretion during the COVID-19 PHE [public health emergency] with respect to the in-person dispensing requirements of the Mifepristone REMS [Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy] Program” and “to exercise enforcement discretion […]

NEC to Announce the Special COVID-19 Prevention Measures for the April 7th Re and By-Election April 2021 Korea, Rep.

The National Election Commission (NEC) “announced that, they prepared the special COVID-19 prevention measures to ensure the voters’ safety for the upcoming re and by-election on the April 7th. Upon the foundation of the thorough management during the 21st National Assembly Elections last year without even one confirmed case, the NEC focused on guaranteeing the right […]

Launch and Dissemination of Policy Briefs and Infographics on Fulfillment of Women’s Constitutional Rights, Impacts and Policies and Women’s Resilience in the Time of the Covid-19 Pandemic March 2021 Indonesia

The National Commission on Violence against Women “responded to the situation of violence and the handling of violence against women in the era of the Covid 19 pandemic . . . by carrying out quantitative studies and qualitative studies.” These studies resulted in three policy briefs and a publication entitled “‘Designing’ Strategies in Uncertainty.” The […]

Covid-19 – Extension Of Visas & Grant Of Permission To Stay Residence Permits/Occupation Permits Holders March 2021 Mauritius

This Communiqué notes that “[t]aking into consideration of the resurgence of the COVID 19 cases in Mauritius, the Government has decided that foreigners whose visas and Residence Permits/ Occupation permits are expiring during the period ending 31 March 2021 and who are not being able to leave the country, be exceptionally granted an extension of their visas […]

Arizona Department of Education Announces $1.5 Million Dollars to Fund Final Mile Project March 2021 United States

“Federal relief and recovery funds available to [the Arizona Department of Education] will fund high-speed internet infrastructure to homes located in six geographically diverse rural areas of Arizona. The project aims to create sustainable long-term solutions to the digital divide by capitalizing on existing infrastructure to connect families to affordable high-speed internet. The Final Project brings internet equity to rural […]

Bhutan Vaccination Program March 2021 Bhutan

As of April 2021, according to a government press brief, 93.69% of the “eligible population” had been vaccinated (472,139 people). On March 25, 2021, “400,000 doses of Covishield vaccine . . .  was officially handed over” to Minister of Health Dasho Dechen Wangmo and the vaccines were immediately “distributed in all 20 districts” by “choppers and […]

Circular Letter About Waste and Waste Management from Corona Virus Disease-19 (COVID-19) Treatment (Surat Edaran Tentang Pengelolaan Limbah Dan Sampah Dari Penanganan Corona Virus Disease-19 (COVID-19)) March 2021 Indonesia

This measure aims “to manage hazardous waste and waste in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and control and avoid the occurrence accumulation of hazardous waste and generated waste.” The legal basis for the measure includes, among others, government regulations “concerning the implementation protection and management of the environment” and “regulation of the Minister […]

Covid-19 – Extension Of Visas & Grant Of Permission To Stay Residence Permits/Occupation Permits Holders March 2021 Mauritius

This Communiqué notes that “[t]aking into consideration of the resurgence of the COVID 19 cases in Mauritius, the Government has decided that foreigners whose visas and Residence Permits/ Occupation permits are expiring during the period ending 31 March 2021 and who are not being able to leave the country, be exceptionally granted an extension of their visas […]

Fisheries Sector COVID-19 Recovery Project March 2021 India

According to this “draft for consultation and Stakeholder Comments,” from the Department of Fisheries, “India will implement material measures and actions so that the [Fisheries Sector COVID 19 Response and Recovery] Project is implemented in accordance with the Environmental and Social Standards (ESSs).” Among other elements, this will include “regular monitoring reports on the environmental, […]

Governor Murphy Signs Executive Order Extending Utility Shutoff Moratorium Through June 30, 2021 March 2021 United States

In this executive order, the governor noting that “many New Jersey residents continue to experience financial hardship as a result of the Public Health Emergency, which may hinder their ability to make payments for . . . water services” “order[s] and direct[s]” that: “No gas or electric public or municipal utility or privately or publicly […]

H.R.1319 – American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 March 2021 United States

The law contains a section entitled “funding for water assistance program” under which funding “is appropriated to the Secretary of Health and Human Services . . . for grants to States and Indian Tribes to assist low-income households, particularly those with the lowest incomes, that pay a high proportion of household income for drinking water […]

National Policy on Radical Inclusion in Schools March 2021 Sierra Leone

The National Policy on Radical Inclusion in Schools, under the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education “provide[s] a roadmap for the day-to-day operations of schools and the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education to ensure inclusion and positive experience for all students regardless of their status in society” including by removing “all infrastructural […]

Revised Phase Two Guidance Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19): Guidance for Mass Gatherings March 2021 United States

In the District of Columbia, while the guidelines prohibit “[i]ndoor gatherings of more than 10 people and outdoor gatherings of more than 50 people,” an exception to this order is: “First Amendment activities.” The guidelines also include a section on “actions you should take” noting that “[a]ctivities such as shouting or singing can create droplets […]

Statement by the Minister of Finance, Mr. Konstantinos Petridis in a joint press conference with the Ministers of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance and Health March 2021 Cyprus

The government has provided different types of economic support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic: in July 2020, this took the form of “one-time state support of € 100 million . . .  to 30,000 companies and self-employed persons to cover their operating expenses, such as rents and installments to deal with the effects of the pandemic;” […]

Chairman’s Eighth Set of Orders under G.L. c. 25, § 4B February 2021 United States

A letter from the Chairman of the Department of Public Utilities of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts addressed to, among others, “the investor-owned water distribution companies . . .  regulated by the Department of Public Utilities” ordered that “[u]ntil July 1, 2021, or you receive further communication under section 4B of chapter 25 of the General […]

Governor Hogan Announces $60 Million Pandemic Relief Grant Program for Child Care Providers February 2021 United States

The Governor of Maryland “announced that licensed child care centers and registered family child care providers are eligible to apply for Child Care Pandemic Relief Fund grants to help meet increased operation costs during the COVID-19 pandemic.” This “program is in addition to previous efforts to support child care providers, including grants to support reopening […]

New Zealand, Labour Market Statistics (Disability): December 2020 Quarter February 2021 New Zealand

This data “provides comparisons between labour market measures for disabled and non-disabled people in New Zealand” and “includes labour market participation and employment rates as well as differences in wages and salaries received.” The Washington Group short set of questions on disability are included “to allow more regular data on how the economic consequences of […]

Ensuring Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Tajikistan January 2021 Tajikistan

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Tajikistan, in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Gender and Development, and the National Association of People with Disabilities, established five medical facilities “specializ[ing] in services for women with disabilities” where women “can get all of [their] sexual and reproductive […]

Economic Reform Program 2021-2023 January 2021 Albania

This program consists of “Both monetary and fiscal measures . . . to give support to the Vulnerable and the Private Sector.” Regarding monetary measures: “the Supervisory Council of the Bank of Albania decided to ease monetary policy to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic by reducing interest rates.” With respect to fiscal measures, […]

Hundreds of Thousands More Laptops to Support Disadvantaged Pupils Learn at Home January 2021 United Kingdom

As “[p]art of the Get Help with Technology Programme,” an additional 300,000 laptops and tablets, in addition to the already “700,000 laptops and tablets . . .  delivered to schools to date” were to be distributed to support “disadvantaged children and young people who need the most help with access to technology through the pandemic.” […]

Making Disability Rights Real in a Pandemic, Te Whakatinana i ngā Tika Hauātanga i te wā o te Urutā January 2021 New Zealand

Several institutions including the Independent Monitoring Mechanism, the Ombudsman, and the Human Rights Commission published a report which “reflects disabled New Zealanders’ experiences of the COVID-19 emergency and details areas where the Government did well, and where improvements are needed.” The report also addresses the tāngata whaikaha Māori (disabled Māori). The information contained in the […]

Report on the Conduct of the 2020 Presidential and National Assembly Elections January 2021 Seychelles

The report, submitted “to the President of the republic and the National Assembly” following the 2020 Presidential and National Assembly Elections includes information regarding steps taken with respect to COVID-19 including: “special registration initiatives” such as extending operating hours at registration centers and creating “Covid19 Standard Operating Procedures.” The report also contains a section on […]

Scottish General Election (Coronavirus) Bill January 2021 United Kingdom

The “Act of the Scottish Parliament to provide for measures relating to protection against coronavirus to apply to the ordinary general election for membership of the Scottish Parliament due to be held on 6 May 2021” includes, among other provisions, sections on “postal voting arrangements,” “power to provide for all-postal vote,” and “power to provide […]

558.0 Trillion Won Budget Passed for 2021 December 2020 Korea, Rep.

The National Assembly passed the 2021 budget which “expands COVID-19 support and other supports for national priorities by 7.5 trillion won, while cutting 5.3 trillion won in other areas.” The “budget increase will be used to finance COVID-19 support and other national priorities” including “[v]irus control” (including vaccinations, disease control, and public healthcare), and to […]

Call 1010 for Domestic Violence Help December 2020 Bhutan

According to a royal decree “all necessary measures” were ordered to “be put in place to assist any person who is experiencing or feels at risk of domestic violence and abuse during the second lockdown.” As part of this effort, “secure and comfortable shelter for those who are faced with violence at home, especially women […]

Human Services Ministry Launches Childcare Subsidy for Essential Workers December 2020 Guyana

Under this program, “[f]rontline workers who are providing an essential service or key public services during the COVID-19 pandemic can apply for the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security Childcare Subsidy Programme.” The Programme: “will assist essential workers who have children of ages 7 and under.” Qualifying groups include: “members of the Guyana Police […]

Information Capsules on Coronavirus and HIV (Cápsulas Informativas Coronavirus y VIH) December 2020 Spain

The Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare has a website providing information on Coronavirus and HIV, including recommendations about COVID-19 vaccination for persons with HIV, the impact of COVID-19 on HIV-related services, information about the needs of vulnerable populations with respect to HIV during the COVID-19 crisis, and recommendations for COVID-19 prevention in […]

Law 2068 that Modifies the General Tourism Law and Issues other Provisions (Ley No. 2068 (Por el Cual se Modifica la Ley General de Turismo y se dictan Otras Disposiciones) December 2020 Colombia

Law 2068 modifies the General Law of Tourism and aims “to promote sustainability” and “implement mechanisms for the conservation, protection, and use of tourist destinations and attractions.” Among other provisions, those that focus on environmental priorities include: “a sustainable tourism action plan that contains a strategy to comprehensively manage the environmental impacts of tourist activity,” […]

Order Granting Plaintiffs’ Motion for Preliminary Injunction, Johnson v. Iowa Dep’t of Pub. Safety, No. 4:20-cv-00306-RGE-CFB (S.D. Iowa Dec. 10, 2020) December 2020 United States

After plaintiffs were banned “from the Iowa State Capitol and Capitol Complex grounds for periods ranging from six months to one year” following a protest, they sought “an order preliminarily enjoining Defendants from enforcing bans prohibiting [their] entry to the Capitol and Capitol Complex.”  Plaintiffs’ motion for a preliminary injunction was granted on the basis […]

Solar Power Naija December 2020 Nigeria

The Federal Government of Nigeria, “[t]o support the economic recovery in response to the COVID-19 pandemic . . . has launched an initiative as part of the Economic Sustainability Plan (ESP) to achieve the roll out of 5 million new solar-based connections in communities that are not grid connected.” Among other elements, the initiative will […]

UNFPA Launches Champion Mothers Project in El Valle Regional Health Service (UNFPA Lanza Proyecto Champion Mothers (Madres Campeonas) en el SRS El Valle) December 2020 Dominican Republic

U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA), in collaboration with the Dominican Republic Ministry of Public Health, the National Service of Health (SNS) and the El Valle Regional Health Service (SRS), launched the Champion Mothers Project. This project, which provides the Elías Piña province with “equipment, materials and supplies, including 2 motorized ambulances and 6 motors,” aims to […]

Ghana COVID-19 Alleviation and Revitalization of Enterprises Support (Ghana CARES) November 2020 Ghana

Relevant sections of this program include: measures “to relieve hardships on Ghanaians by reducing the cost of basic services; ensuring food security; protecting businesses and workers; and further strengthening the health system” as well as job creation, with a focus on “support to women-owned businesses and access to employment by women” and “provid[ing] access to […]

Abu Dhabi’s AgTech Ecosystem Expands Across Land, Sea and Space November 2020 United Arab Emirates

The Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) provided financial and non-financial incentives to three companies, totaling AED 152 million (USD 41 million). The research and technologies developed by these companies will “expand existing capabilities in Abu Dhabi’s AgTech ecosystem and promote innovation in the sector to address global food security challenges.” According to an interview with […]

Home Use of Both Pills for Early Medical Abortion up to 10 Weeks Gestation November 2020 United Kingdom

In order to “reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and ensure continued access to abortion services,” the government “put in place a temporary approval in England, enabling women and girls to take both pills for early medical abortion . . . up to 10 weeks (9 weeks and 6 days) gestation in their own homes, following […]

Indian Health Service COVID-19 Pandemic Vaccine Plan November 2020 United States

The Indian Health Service (IHS) COVID-19 Pandemic Vaccine Plan November 2020 “details how the IHS health care system will prepare for and operationalize a vaccine when it becomes available” and includes sections on: vaccine availability, prioritization, vaccine distribution and ordering, vaccine administration, communications, data management, and safety and monitoring. The plan followed the IHS’s “tribal […]

Mechanisms to Fight Violence against Women November 2020 France

Noting that “[t]he period of health crisis linked to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) required specific measures to be taken to maintain access to fundamental rights in terms of equality between women and men,” this “Plan to fight violence against women during the lockdown” includes the following categories: “Reporting and listening mechanisms,” “Protection and shelter,” and “Fight […]

National Training and Reskilling Scheme (NTRS) November 2020 Mauritius

As a “key component[]” of its “Economic Recovery Programme” the government launched a project to provide “training and reskilling of some 9,000 unemployed persons.” Among other areas, the project aimed to provide jobs in the “Renewable Energy & Circular economy” sector.

QC Opens Shelter for Abused Women, Children and LGBTs November 2020 Philippines

The government of Quezon City “opened one of the first local government unit (LGU)-run shelters for abused women, children and LGBTs.” The shelter “will serve as a temporary shelter for victim-survivors of gender-based violence and abuse.” The Mayor noted that “abused women and children” are “economically dependent on the perpetrators” and that this “is especially […]

Supreme Decree No. 4392 November 2020 Bolivia

According to this decree, beneficiaries of the “Bonus against Hunger” will include, among others, certain person with visual disabilities who were already receiving a separate bonus and persons with serious or very serious disabilities already registered in an existing system. A separate notice from the Ministry of Economy and Public Finance lays out additional details […]

2020 UK Annual Report on Modern Slavery October 2020 United Kingdom

Given that the COVID-19 pandemic “intensified” the work of the Modern Slavery Unit of the Home Office, steps were taken “to ensure that victims continue to have access to essential support.” Towards this end, efforts that were undertaken included the following: “grant funding [was] allocated by the Home Office through the Police Transformation Fund . […]

BiblioTechs: Transforming Public Libraries into Functional Ones October 2020 Albania

“‘BiblioTech: public libraries into functional ones’ is an initiative of the Municipality of Tirana and UNICEF Albania, implemented in close collaboration with Albanian Sustainable Development Organization (ASDO). The initiative aims to transform four of Tirana’s libraries into technological hubs for children, young people and the community in general. The incubators will be a vessel to […]

Bill 204, Helping Tenants and Small Businesses Act, 2020 October 2020 Canada

Provisions of this measure enacted in Ontario include “temporary protections for certain commercial tenants,” “a residential rent freeze,” and the non-effectiveness of “[e]viction orders for rent arrears . . . during the non-enforcement period,” as defined in the legislation. The “rent freeze period” is defined as starting January 1, 2021 and ending on December 31, […]

Government of Canada Launches New COVID-19 Related Challenges to Help Reduce Environmental Impact of PPE in Canada October 2020 Canada

The Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry announced “two challenges through the Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) program to make personal protective equipment (PPE) more compostable and recyclable.” The challenges seek solutions for: “the efficient and cost-effective recycling of disposable PPE waste generated in the Canadian health care system” and “the manufacturing of compostable disposable surgical […]

President’s Interagency Task Force, Report on U.S. Government Efforts To Combat Trafficking in Persons October 2020 United States

Some “key efforts” that have been taken by government agencies “in response to COVID-19” include: engagement “with local governments and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) nationwide to understand the impact of COVID-19 on child trafficking and exploitation,” a transition by the National Human Trafficking Hotline “to full remote operations with no disruption in services,” the monitoring of […]

Project Agreement for COVID-19 Legal Assistance Funding October 2020 Australia

An agreement was made between “the Commonwealth of Australia” and “the States of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory” to “support the delivery of efficient and effective legal assistance services (specifically, Legal Aid Commissions (LACs), Community Legal Centres (CLCs), Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal […]

SUBREI Ratifies Agreement to Fourth Agreement of Clean Production of the Industry of the Sustainable Processed Food Industry The IV Clean Production Agreement (APL) of the Processed Food Industry (SUBREI ratifica compromiso a IV Acuerdo de Producción Limpia de la Industria de Alimentos Procesados Sustentable) September 2020 Chile

The objectives of the Fourth Clean Production Act of the Industry of Processed Foods, an agreement between private and public bodies, signed by a range of government ministries, including the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Health, Energy, and Environment,  include “apply[ing] clean production through specific goals and actions and serv[ing] as a management instrument to improve […]

Amendment to the Equal Employment Opportunity and Work-Family Balance Assistance Act September 2020 Korea, Rep.

This amendment to existing legislation extends, among other provisions, the “maximum period of family care leave” to “90 days per year, and employees may use this leave in several instances,” including when: “a serious emergency alert level has been issued . . .  due to the spread of an infectious disease” and family members are […]

Disaster Management Act Regulations: Alert Level 1 During Coronavirus COVID-19 Lockdown: Eviction and Demolition of Places of Residence September 2020 South Africa

According to the “Disaster Management Act Regulations,” “[a] person may not be evicted from his or her land or home or have his or her place of residence demolished for the duration of the national state of disaster unless a competent court has granted an order authorising the eviction or demolition.” The regulations also note […]

Electoral Amendment Regulations (No 4) 2020: Special Vote by Person in Isolation or Quarantine September 2020 New Zealand

In advance of the 2020 general election, a new regulation entitled “Special vote by person in isolation or quarantine” was inserted into the “Electoral Regulations 1996” to “enable persons to vote as special voters by dictation if, in accordance with the requirements of a COVID-19 order or other enactment, they are in isolation or quarantine […]

Joint Statement on International Access to Information Day 2020 September 2020 Australia, New Zealand

“Information Access Commissioners and Ombudsmen from across Australia and New Zealand . . . released a joint statement to mark International Access to Information Day” in September 2020. The statement notes: “we join with members of the United Nations, international regulators and others to acknowledge the importance of access to information laws and the community’s […]

Public Emergency Decree 766/2020 (Emergencia Pública Decreto 766/2020) September 2020 Argentina

Public Emergency Decree 766/2020 contains provisions on “suspension of evictions” and “freezing of rental prices.” This decree followed Emergency Decree 320/2020 issued on March 29, 2020, which similarly contained such measures and expired on September 30, 2020, and extends the provisions until January 31, 2021. The decree “considers” that: “the right to housing is protected […]

Regulations to Facilitate Access to Short-term Work to be Extended September 2020 Germany

Government “regulations to facilitate access to short-time work allowance and to raise the allowance” will extend through the end of 2021. The allowance is paid by the Federal Employment Agency in order “to compensate in part for the loss of wages caused by a lack of work for a temporary period” which then “eases the […]

SB-932 (California) Communicable Diseases: Data Collection September 2020 United States

According to this bill, “[a]ny electronic tool used by a health officer . . . for the purpose of reporting cases of communicable disease to the State Department of Public Health, . . . shall include the capacity to collect and report data relating to sexual orientation and gender identity as reported pursuant to subdivision” […]

Subsidy for the Legal Interruption of Pregnancy During the COVID-19 Health Emergency Azcapo Accompanies You (Subsidio para la Interrupción Legal del Embarazo Durante la Emergencia Sanitaria por COVID 19 Azcapo te Acompaña) September 2020 Mexico

This measure, put into place in the Azcapotzalco municipality of Mexico City, provides for the allocation of resources to “subsidize the cost of legal interruptions of pregnancy” including through medication and “manual vacuum aspiration with analgesic” for procedures performed at the Marie Stopes México A.C. Foundation. This support aims to “address one of the secondary […]

The National Board of Health Strengthens the Information about COVID-19 for Citizens with an Ethnic Background Other than Danish (Sundhedsstyrelsen Styrker Informationen om COVID-19 til Borgere Med Anden Etnisk Baggrund End Dansk) September 2020 Denmark

With the understanding that “[i]t is important that everyone, regardless of ethnic background, has access to and can understand” information provided by the Danish Health Authority regarding coronavirus, information is made available in different languages and through videos in addition to written materials. Additionally, the National Board of Health, in collaboration with other agencies, “carried […]

$50 Million in Grant Funding Available to Help Students Gain Internet Access August 2020 United States

In Ohio, “[t]he lieutenant governor announced the state will set aside $50 million of funding through the federal CARES Act to provide hotspots and internet-enabled devices to students.” According to the announcement, “[t]he district must identify the eligible group of students it intends to assist with the purchase of the technology. Those groups include: Economically […]

A Summary of CDC’s Family Planning Recommendations for Healthcare Providers August 2020 United States

Noting that “[d]uring COVID-19, it is critical that access to family planning services remains available while keeping healthcare providers and their patients safe,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued and collected a series of recommendations for healthcare providers for “providing quality family planning services while helping to facilitate access and minimizing in- […]

Agreement Signed to Cover Villages And Population Centers With Telecommunications And Internet Services Via Satellite August 2020 Oman

“The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) and Oman Broadband Company (OBC) signed an agreement . . . to provide telecommunications and internet services to [598] villages and population centers by satellite in various governorates.” The “initiative aims at the provision of telecommunications and internet services to villages and rural population centers in Oman. TRA requested funding […]

Broad Guidelines for Conduct of General Elections/Bye- Elections During COVID-19 August 2020 India

The Election Commission of India published guidelines for election conduct during COVID “with respect to key activities of the conduct of elections, considering the upcoming General Elections and bye-elections in various States/UTs during the period of COVID-19.” Measures include “general guidelines to be followed during entire election processes for all persons” and “polling station arrangements” (including […]

Health Equity August 2020 United States

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website includes a dedicated section entitled “Health Equity-Promoting Fair Access to Health” with several sub-sections including: Health Equity Considerations and Racial and Ethnic Minority Groups (e.g. containing information on “Factors that contribute to increased risk”); What We Can Do To Promote Health Equity (e.g. highlighting ways in […]

Legislators Agree to Create Special Commission that Investigates, among Other Things, Harassment of Salvadoran Journalists (Legisladores Acuerdan Crear Comisión Especial que Investigue, entre Otras Cosas, Acoso a Periodistas Salvadoreños) August 2020 El Salvador

The legislature voted to create a “Special Commission for the investigation of harassment suffered by media journalists due to their work and editorial line and the use of public funds against opponents.” The Commission’s mandate is to investigate, among other things, “the harassment that journalists . . . are suffering due to their work and […]

Minister of Climate Change and Environment Reinforces Importance of Green Economy as Cornerstone for Post-COVID-19 Recovery August 2020 United Arab Emirates

During the “First Ministerial Meeting on COVID-19 and the Environment in West Asia” Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi, the Minister of Climate Change and Environment, emphasized “that expediting the transition to a green economy is of paramount importance to stage a sustainable recovery from the economic slowdown as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, without harming […]

Order Prohibiting Larger Assemblies and Access to and Restrictions on Premises and Locations in Connection with the Handling of Covid-19 (Bekendtgørelse om Forbud Mod Større Forsamlinger og Mod Adgang til og Restriktioner for Lokaler og Lokaliteter i Forbindelse med Håndtering af Covid­19) August 2020 Denmark

Under COVID-19 restrictions it was “forbidden to hold and participate in indoor and outdoor events, events, activities or the like, where there are more than 100 people present at the same place at the same time,” and police were authorized to “use the necessary force . . . to ensure that the prohibition [was] complied […]

Outdoor Seating in Manchester to Become Smoke-Free Areas August 2020 United Kingdom

As measures were put into place in Manchester City “following the nationwide lockdown” in order “to allow businesses to trade on pavements and roads” and to enable the reopening of the hospitality industry, the City required that “all businesses who are temporarily trading under a ‘pavement license’ . . . ensure that their seating areas […]

Samagra Shiksha – Meeting of the Project Approval Board August 2020 India

In a meeting “to consider the Annual Work Plan & Budget (AWP&B) 2020-21 of Samagra Shiksha for the State of Kerala” one element of the “COVlD- 19 Response: Ensuring safety and security in schools and Digital learning in view of the Covid-19 situation” includes the following: “The planning of the access should be done such […]

Sociocultural Guide for Prevention, Containment and Management of Cases of COVID-19 among Indigenous Peoples (Guía Sociocultural para la prevención, contención y manejo de casos COVID-19) August 2020 Guatemala

The guide compiles actions suggested by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance, through the Unit of Indigenous Peoples and Interculturality, to be applied in communities where inhabitants of the Maya, Garífuna, and Xinka communities live, as they face the COVID-19 pandemic. The guide, intended to be consulted and used by communities and organizations […]

Ghana’s National Adaptation Plan Project Launched in Accra July 2020 Ghana

This “National Adaptation Plan (NAP) project” was launched by the Minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation “to guide the process of integrating climate change into national decision-making and effective adaptation in the country.” More specifically, the NAP identifies “medium and long term adaptation needs, informed by the latest climate science” and is intended to […]

Announcement | Our Security Estates are Respectful of Human Rights and Reject all Types of Violence, Xenophobia, Homophobia, Transphobia or Discrimination, Regardless of Who it Comes From (Comunicado| Nuestros Estamentos de Seguridad son respetuosos de los derechos humanos y rechaza todo tipo de violencia, xenofobia, homofobia, transfobia o discriminación, con independencia de quien provenga) July 2020 Panama

Several government ministries and the Office of the Ombudsperson issued an announcement, noting that acts of hostility, discrimination, violence and unequal treatment against trans persons have been registered in the media and elsewhere, and calling on “personnel of commercial establishments and public offices, members of public security forces and private security agencies to comply with […]

Fighting Corruption during COVID-19 July 2020 South Africa

In July 2020, President Ramaphosa “announced the establishment of a collaborative and coordinating centre to strengthen the collective efforts among law enforcement agencies so as to prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute COVID-related corruption.” As part of this effort, nine state institutions were brought together to investigate “allegations of corruption” on the following issues: “the distribution […]

Governor Ivey Allocates $100 Million for Alabama Broadband Connectivity for Students July 2020 United States

“Alabama Broadband Connectivity (ABC) for Students, will provide vouchers for families of students currently eligible for free and reduced-price school meals, or other income criteria. The vouchers will help cover equipment and service costs for high-speed internet service from the fall through Dec. 31, 2020.” Subsequently, in December 2020 “Governor Kay Ivey . . . […]

Guidelines for the Prevention and Mitigation of COVID-19 in the Care of Pregnancy, Childbirth, Puerperium and the Newborn (Lineamiento para la Prevención y Mitigación de COVID-19 en la Atención del Embarazo, Parto, Puerperio y de la Persona Recién Nacida) July 2020 Mexico

Noting that “[d]uring the COVID-19 pandemic, sexual and reproductive health services, and in particular, care during pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium and of the newborn, are classified as essential services that must be maintained in accordance with COVID-19 prevention and mitigation measures,” these guidelines include a range of recommendations including guidelines that address: “timely interventions […]

Public Policy Exempting Certain Out-of-Status Foreign Nationals in Canada from Immigration Requirements: COVID-19 Program Delivery July 2020 Canada

A policy was put into place “to exempt foreign nationals from certain requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR) if they meet certain conditions.” This policy was subsequently “extended to August 31, 2021” and also “expanded to include foreign nationals who were in Canada from […]

Special Voting Arrangements to Protect Health and Safety at General Election 2020 July 2020 Singapore

The Elections Department “consulted with the Ministry of Health (MOH) on the voting arrangements” for “groups of voters” including “COVID-19 patients,” “those on Quarantine Order (QO) for COVID-19,” and “those under COVID-19 Stay Order, commonly known as “Stay Home Notice” (SHN) at home.” Voting arrangements were made “to protect the health and safety of everyone, […]

The Electoral Commission Institutes the Queue Management System at Its Registration Centres July 2020 Ghana

The Electoral Commission of Ghana “instituted a Queue Management System” due to “overcrowding at some [voter registration] Centres in the Greater Accra Metropolis” as part of the “2020 Voters Registration Exercise.” The measures aimed to “reduce the long queues and help with the enforcement of social distancing protocols at the Centres.”

The Ministry of Women Decides to Incorporate the WhatsApp [Helpline] as a Permanent Care Service (Ministerio de la Mujer Decide Incorporar el Whatsapp de Ayuda a Mujeres Como Servicio Permanente de Atención) July 2020 Chile

The Minister of Women and Gender Equity, jointly with other government institutions, announced that the WhatsApp of the Ministry of Women and Gender Equity, which “offers help through silent messages to all women who suffer violence” was to be extended beyond the pandemic and “incorporated as a permanent policy.” Given that “many women have to […]

United Kingdom – Scotland Police Scotland – Message to Communities July 2020 United Kingdom

Police Scotland states that it is “aware some disabled people have reported being unfairly challenged and, on occasion, abused about issues linked to social distancing and face coverings,” commits to “continue to work with the Scottish Government and other partners to ensure the public is aware of issues which directly affect disabled communities,” notes it […]

Updated COVID-19 Māori Health Response Plan July 2020 New Zealand

The plan “builds on the progress made by the Initial COVID-19 Māori Response Action Plan and provides an updated framework to protect, prevent, and mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 within whānau, hapū, iwi and Māori communities.”

Birmingham City Council Develop Communication Campaign to Support Disadvantaged Communities June 2020 United Kingdom

The Birmingham City Council’s Public Health Division “developed a communication and engagement campaign to further support BAME [Black, Asian, and minority ethnic], disabled and LGBT communities across the city during the coronavirus pandemic,” with the goal to “[f]urther understand specific issues around COVID-19 faced by particular BAME, disabled and LGBT communities” and to “[u]se effective […]

Chicago Launches Groundbreaking Initiative to Bridge Digital Divide, Providing Free High-Speed Internet Access to Over 100,000 Chicago Public School Students June 2020 United States

“‘Chicago Connected’ . . . will provide free high-speed internet service to approximately 100,000 Chicago Public Schools (CPS) students in their households.” The program “will provide high-speed internet for households for four years by directly paying for internet service for families that are most in need, using six priority indicators and data from Internet Service […]

Connected Beyond the Classroom June 2020 United States

The City of San Antonio “propose[s] to build a collaborative, citywide, multi-government agency network between the City and other governmental entities to expand fiber capability and student access in San Antonio, helping mitigate digital divide issues in [the] community, specifically in student populations, K-12 and colleges/universities.” Several resources were used to identify “50 priority neighborhoods […]

Court Forces Ecuador Government to Protect Indigenous Waorani during Covid-19 June 2020 Ecuador

A provincial court ruling required “several government ministries to take urgent action to contain COVID-19 in Waorani territory, and protect the uncontacted Indigenous nations of Tagaeri and Taromenane, whose territory borders Waorani land.” The ruling required “the Ministry of Health to coordinate with Waorani leadership to send medical teams with intercultural experience into their territories to […]

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Privacy Act under House Bill 2016 (New Sec. 16) June 2020 United States

The stated purpose of the COVID-19 Contact Tracing Privacy Act of Kansas is: “to protect the privacy of persons whose information is collected through contact tracing and the confidentiality of contact data.” The legislation includes provisions on elements including: limited use of data (“Contact data shall be . . . Used only for the purpose […]

COVID-19 Framework for Local Decision Making on Gypsy/Traveller Support June 2020 United Kingdom

This document, which aims to “provide a framework for supporting Gypsy/Traveller communities living on public and private sites, and in unauthorised encampments in Scottish Local Authorities during the COVID-19 outbreak” identifies as an ongoing priority: “making sure people have access to the facilities they need to stay healthy and safe on camps including access to […]

Electoral and Other Legislation (Accountability, Integrity and Other Matters) Amendment Act 2020 June 2020 Australia

An “Act to amend” existing legislation contains provisions “to facilitate the holding of the 2020 general election in a way that helps minimise serious risks to the health and safety of persons caused by the COVID-19 emergency” that include, among other things, “procedure for voting,” “pre-poll ordinary voting,” and “electronically assisted voting.”

Guidelines for the Protection of Indonesian Women Migrant Workers in the Situation of the COVID-19 Pandemic (Panduan Pelindungan Bagi Perempuan Pekerja Migran Indonesia Dalam Situasi Pandemi COVID-19) June 2020 Indonesia

These guidelines, issued by the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection in collaboration with UN Women and other institutions, address the provision of comprehensive services to migrant women, considering the “specific vulnerabilities and needs” they face. Noting the ways in which migrant women might be affected by COVID-19 socially, economically, and as a result […]

Juneteenth Rally Planned in Madison Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Social Unrest June 2020 United States

In Madison, Wisconsin, although Juneteenth, “an annual nationwide day of celebration to commemorate the freeing of the slaves after the Civil War” was originally “shifted online due to the COVID-19 pandemic . . . two area organizers . . . opted to put together an in-person event with social distancing and safety guidelines in place.” […]

Law No. 1309 Law that Helps Regulate the Emergency due to COVID-19 (Ley que Coadyuva a Regular la Emergencia por el COVID-19) June 2020 Bolivia

This law sets out various measures to address COVID-19 including that the Executive Branch, through the Ministry of Health and in coordination with autonomous territorial entities, must provide biosafety equipment to health personnel and ensure that health facilities have certain needed equipment. The law “prohibits . . . . the negation of human dignity, freedom […]

New York Contact Tracing Law: Senate Bill S8450C June 2020 United States

The New York legislation includes provisions on: confidentiality (“All contact tracing information shall be kept confidential by any contact tracer and contact tracing entity, and may not be disclosed except as necessary to carry out contact tracing or a permitted purpose”), restrictions as to individuals and entities to whom contact tracing information may be provided […]

Power of Attorney: Simplified Procedures (Procuration: des Démarches Simplifiées) June 2020 France

In response “to the current health situation linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, exceptional provisions . . . in particular in the context of powers of attorney” were put into place for France’s June 2020 municipal elections. These provisions include “simplified procedures for carrying out a power of attorney.” Further, the relevant new forms “dispense with […]

Press Release: The Manner of Exercising the Right to Vote which imposed a Measure of Self-Isolation June 2020 Croatia

The State Election Commission issued instructions to voters who would be “in self-isolation on election day, July 5, 2020” on the process for requesting that they be allowed to vote at their residence.

Revised Circular Relating to Entry into Force of the Regulations Relating to Rejection etc. of Foreign Nationals Out of Concern for Public Health June 2020 Norway

While Norway’s regulations “stipulate that foreign nationals without a residence permit may be rejected for reasons of public health, due to the outbreak of the hazardous and widely infectious disease COVID-19,” exemptions are in place for “[m]embers of the Sami community in the exercise of reindeer herding.” In August 2021, “Sami people engaged in reindeer […]

The Summary Judge of the Council of State Suspends the General and Absolute Ban on Demonstrating on the Public Highway (Le Juge des Référés du Conseil d’État Suspend L’interdiction Générale et Absolue de Manifester sur la Voie Publique) June 2020 France

The French Council of State decided that “the ban on demonstrations” resulting from a May 31, 2020 decree that prohibited “gatherings, meetings or activities bringing together more than ten people” in public spaces was “not justified” since it was possible for “barrier measures” to “be respected.”

Three Guidelines for Large-Scale Demonstrations (Drei Vorgaben für Großdemonstrationen) June 2020 Austria

The government “organized a round table . . .  with representatives of the City of Vienna, the police, the health authorities and demonstration organizers” following a “protest against racism and police violence” in Vienna. And “by mutual agreement, three points emerged” including regarding planning rallies and routes and distancing and masking requirements.

INFOTRANS May 2020 Italy

Infotrans “is the institutional portal dedicated to the well-being and health of transgender people,” established through a collaboration between the Italian “Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) which oversaw its creation and is responsible for the scientific contents” together with the “National Office against Racial Discrimination . . .  which is responsible for the contents.” Among other things, […]

Minister of Education Launches Television and Radio Education Series (Ministra de Educación Lanza Franja Educativa de Televisión y Radio) May 2020 El Salvador

The Minister of Education announced the launch of an educational program “Let’s Learn at Home” broadcast on weekdays “to guarantee educational continuity, at a time when, given the COVID-19 emergency, classes are suspended throughout the country.” The Minister noted other steps being taken including updating the content of the Ministry of Education website, “The Education […]

COVID-19 and HIV May 2020 United States

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has produced a number of guidance materials on COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS. These include, among others, a list of questions and answers in response to: “What to Know About HIV and COVID-19,” a collection of resources for “People At Risk For or With HIV,” Clinicians, and Public Health […]

Access to Zero-Rated Websites – Additional Institutions May 2020 Jamaica

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information partnered with Digicel Jamaica to “facilitate access to the internet through the provision of a subsidized data plan and zero-rated data access to frequently used learning platforms and websites.” The move was “an effort to ensure the continued distance learning/home-schooling of . . .  students amidst the COVID-19 […]

Amenities for People with Disabilities during the Pandemic May 2020 Poland

As part of the “Anti-Crisis Shield Act,” support was provided “for caregivers of adults with disabilities, in the case of the shutdown of rehabilitation and educational centre, support centres or day-care centres which the person attended.” Additionally, this measure allowed for “the possibility of issuing a disability certificate without a direct examination and the temporary […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disaster Relief Assistance for Immigrants May 2020 United States

California “is providing one-time state-funded disaster relief assistance to undocumented adults who are ineligible for other forms of assistance, including assistance under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and pandemic unemployment benefits, because of their immigration status.” As part of this effort, the California Department of Social Services “selected twelve immigrant-serving nonprofit […]

Costa Rica Launches Financial Program for Women Who Protect Natural Resources May 2020 Costa Rica

The Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) together with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), as well as the Office of the First Vice President of the Republic, launched the “+Women +Nature” program “to mitigate the socio-economic impacts generated by the global pandemic.” The program “aims to strengthen the economic autonomy of women, facing up […]

Davao’s LGBT Community Completes Rice Distribution May 2020 Philippines

The “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community” of Davao City, as part of its involvement in Davao City’s COVID-19 response, distributed “sacks of rice to the barangays.” The community “was tapped in the city’s Covid-19 as a non-political structure group to find those in need but were not reached by barangay officials.”

Domestic Violence: Detailed Information May 2020 United Kingdom

The “Domestic Violence: Detailed Information” section of the United Kingdom’s government website contains a number of different documents  on domestic abuse. These include the following: “Domestic abuse: how to get help” (updated in Nov. 2021) with links to “[t]ranslated guidance,” questions to “[r]ecognize domestic abuse,” contact information for various helplines, and instructions to “ask for […]

Emergency Powers (Covid-19) (Special Provisions) (Amendment) (No. 4) Order, 2020 May 2020 Bahamas, The

The Prime Minister issued an order according to which “[a]ny work permit, annual residence or other permit issued under the Immigration Act . . . that expired during the period of public emergency shall be deemed to be extended until thirty days after the expiry of the state of public emergency.”

Fifteenth Measure of Neutralization of Coronavirus Economic Consequences May 2020 Armenia

The Office of the Prime Minister issued a measure to “create temporary jobs in the agricultural sector by addressing environmental issues” for the benefit of “citizens of the Republic of Armenia or stateless persons.” Working with groups including the Wildlife and Cultural Heritage Preservation Foundation, the government will, among other activities, “organize the establishment of […]

Gov. Wolf Announces Inclusion of Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation or Expression in COVID-19 Data Collection May 2020 United States

The Department of Health of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania “has chosen to work with Sara Alert, a new data collection platform and has requested a system modification to the platform to collect sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) data.” Additionally, the Department had “requested from the eHealth Authority Board that the state’s six health information […]

Guide for Attention to Indigenous and Afro-Mexican Villages and Communities before the Health Emergency Generated by the SARS-CoV2 Virus (COVID-19) (Guía para la Atención de Pueblos y Comunidades Indígenas y Afromexicanas ante la Emergencia Sanitaria Generada por el Virus SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19)) May 2020 Mexico

Recognizing the government obligation to adopt measures to guarantee the right to health and effective access to health services for all persons in its territory, in particular for vulnerable populations including indigenous and Afro-Mexican communities, this guide contains eight measures towards this end. These include: that information related to the epidemic should be translated and […]

Guidelines for Staff and Personnel in Quarantine Centres May 2020 Vietnam

The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs “in cooperation with technical assistance” from UNICEF and UN Women “developed and disseminated” guidelines aimed at “ensur[ing] safety for children and women in quarantine centres.” Among other things, the guidelines address “protection from violence and sexual abuse” including through the provision of information and designated “private and […]

HHS Awards $15 Million to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic in Rural Tribal Communities May 2020 United States

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Health Resources and Services Administration “awarded $15 million to 52 Tribes, Tribal organizations, urban Indian health organizations, and other health services providers to Tribes across 20 states to prepare, prevent, and respond to COVID-19 in rural tribal communities.” These awards were “funded through the “Coronavirus Aid, Relief […]

Implementation of the National Economic Recovery Program in Framework Supporting State Financial Policy for Management of the Coronavirus Disease Pandemic 2019 (COVID-19) May 2020 Indonesia

Government regulation 23 forms the basis for the National Economic Recovery program (PEN) which is made up of “a series of activities towards recovery of the national economy which is part of the state’s financial policy implemented by the Government to accelerate handling the COVID 19 pandemic.” The program “aims to protect, maintain, and improve […]

Interim Guidance for Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Services in COVID-19 Pandemic May 2020 Nepal

The Reproductive Health (RH) sub-cluster of the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) created guidelines to “ensur[e] access to reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health (RMNCAH) services while ensuring physical distance (social distance).” The guidelines contain sections on: “MNH [maternal and neonatal health] services including Provide Antenatal, Intrapartum and Postnatal Care,” “Postpartum Home Visit” both […]

Measure to Address Increased Vulnerability Due to the Coronavirus May 2020 Sweden

The government “intend[ed] to adopt an ordinance on government grants to allocate SEK 100 million to non-profit organisation activities addressing increased vulnerability resulting from the outbreak of COVID-19” which would go to, among others, “organisations that work with children at risk and . . .  children and LGBTI people who are victims of violence.” As of […]

Ministry of Culture: Preventive Messages About Coronavirus Reinforced in 10 Regions with Afro-Peruvian Populations (Ministerio de Cultura: Se Refuerzan Mensajes Preventivos sobre Coronavirus en 10 Regiones con Población Afroperuana) May 2020 Peru

The Ministry of Culture’s informational campaign is directed at the ten regions of the country with the highest Afro Peruvian concentration, given their heightened vulnerability in the face of COVID-19. The campaign materials, containing messages about prevention, include an animated video, digital posters, and radio spots, created in a way that is culturally relevant for […]

Multisectoral Strategy for the Protection of Indigenous Communities in the Health Emergency of COVID-19, Decree 1489 (Estrategia Multisectorial para Protección de los Pueblos Indígenas u Originarios en el Marco de la Emergencia Sanitaria por el COVID-19, Decreto 1489) May 2020 Peru

Peru’s Decree 1489 sets out five actions to protect and care for indigenous or native communities within the framework of the COVID-19 health emergency in the areas of: health response, territorial control, supplying basic necessities, providing information and early warnings, and protecting indigenous persons in isolation.

Municipality of Lima Initiates Implementation of Network of 46KM of Temporary Bike Paths (Municipalidad de Lima Inició Implementación de una Red de 46 Km de Ciclovías Temporales) May 2020 Peru

The Deputy Management Office of Non-Motorized Transport of Lima began implementation of a network of temporary bicycle lanes in the municipality of Lima “to contribute to social distancing” given the COVID-19 pandemic and with the goal of, among others, reducing pollution. The temporary paths may also become permanent in the future.

National Guideline for Providing Essential Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health Services in the Context of COVID-19 May 2020 Bangladesh

These guidelines aim to: “guide the health care providers and managers for providing essential MNCH [Maternal, Newborn and Child Health] services in the context of COVID-19,” “standardize MNCH services to COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 cases throughout the country,” and “guide monitoring of MNCH services in the context of COVID-19.” The guidelines contain “gender considerations” including “[e]nsur[ing] […]

POPCOM Launches COVID-19 Helpline May 2020 Philippines

The Commission on Population and Development (POPCOM) sought to address the interruption of “access and delivery of family planning (FP) information and services” due to limited mobility as a result of COVID-19 related “[m]andatory staying at home” for many communities. To do so, POPCOM launched the “COVID-19 Helpline . . .  that ensures continuous access […]

Protecting Children is Everyone’s Responsibility (Proteger Crianças Compete a Tod@s) May 2020 Portugal

The National Commission for the Promotion of the Rights and Protection of Children and Youth developed a national campaign “Protecting Children is Everyone’s Responsibility.” As part of the campaign, the Commission produced several materials including: “COVID-19-How to deal with the Situation-Advice for Parents in Vulnerable Situations” and “COVID-19-How to deal with . . . Vulnerable […]

Untact Dementia Treatment System May 2020 Korea, Rep.

Following the closure of the Seoul Metropolitan Center for Dementia as a result of COVID-19 and “to respond to emergency situations such as urgent treatment of high-risk elders,” the launch of “remote dementia screenings” that combine “untact treatment with visiting nursing services” was introduced in Gangdong-gu. Equipment for remote screenings “will be provided by the […]

Operation Faoiseamh – An Garda Síochána ‘STILL HERE’ to Listen to Help and to Protect April 2020 Ireland

In April 2020, “Operation Faoiseamh” was started “with the goal of providing enhanced proactive support to victims of domestic abuse.” The program was part of the “community engagement response to COVID-19” on the part of An Garda Síochána, the National Police and Security Service. The Garda National Protective Services Bureau “is overseeing the implementation of this […]

Interventions to Assist the Agricultural Sector during COVID-19 April 2020 South Africa

The Ministry of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development set aside funds to provide “assistance to mainly target financially distressed small-scale farmers” as a way “to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19.” The “qualifying criteria for farmers” notes that “adjudication will prioritise women, youth and people with disabilities.” Out of the “15036 approved applications” the […]

New Hampshire Emergency Rental Assistance Program April 2020 United States

The state of New Hampshire put into place a range of programs including: the “Emergency Rental Assistance Program” to provide “assistance to eligible residents of New Hampshire who cannot pay their rent and utilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a “TEMPORARY [emphasis in original] increase . . . on the Cash Value Benefit for […]

A Kenya Practical Guide for Continuity of Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Family Planning Care and Services in the Background of COVID19 Pandemic April 2020 Kenya

Kenya’s Ministry of Health developed “protocols [that] offer practical consideration of both preventive and clinical aspects of safe continuity of quality Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Family planning services during the COVID-19 Pandemic . . .” The guidelines contain sections on telemedicine, which “will be manned by appropriately trained persons on matters of reproductive health as […]

Al-Rajihi Inaugurates Community Fund to Mitigate Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic April 2020 Saudi Arabia

This “Community Fund,” the capital of which totals SR 500 million, is intended “to activate the contribution of endowments and non-profit sector in mitigating the impacts” of COVID-19. The fund “aims to support the segments of society most in need and those most affected by this pandemic, including poor people, people with disabilities, widows, divorced […]

Application for the Issuance of an Interim Order against a Ban on Assembly Partially Successful (Antrag auf Erlass einer Einstweiligen Anordnung gegen Versammlungsverbot teilweise erfolgreich) April 2020 Germany

The First Chamber of the First Senate of the Federal Constitutional Court found that “[t]he assembly authority had incorrectly assumed that the ordinance of the Hessian state government to combat the corona virus contained a general ban on assemblies of more than two people, who do not belong to the same household and therefore violate […]

British Columbia Temporary Rental Supplement Program April 2020 Canada

The BC [British Columbia] Temporary Rental Supplement Program “gave tenants and landlords temporary support towards rent payments from April to August of 2020 for low- and moderate-income renters who lost income as a result of COVID-19. Payments were made directly to the landlords of eligible households.” The BC Housing website notes that “[r]enters who are still experiencing a […]

Care For Adults and People with Disabilities Will Be Expanded Under OPHRD April 2020 Bulgaria

The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy announced the allocation of “BGN [Bulgarian Lev] 45 million” to support people with disabilities, enabling municipalities to “apply for funding for home care.” The support will be provided in the form of, among other services, the delivery of food, medicines, and other necessities.

CCSA (Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration) Measures Summarized from PM’s Statement on April 2, 2020 April 2020 Thailand

As part of a series of measures related to COVID-19, the Prime Minister and Defense Minister announced “[e]conomic stimulus measures” including a “5,000-Baht subsidy for 3 months for over 9 million daily workers/freelancers/informal workers, refund of deposit for electricity and water use, reduction of electricity and water fees for 3 months, debt moratorium for house […]

Commitment of Responsibility for Large Companies Benefitting from Economic Support Measures (Engagement de Responsabilité pour les Grandes Entreprises Bénéficiant de Mesures de Soutien en Trésorerie) April 2020 France

Under France’s COVID-19 recovery measures, “a large enterprise that request[ed] an extension of tax or social security deadlines or a government-backed loan” was barred from “proceeding with stock buybacks during the course of the year 2020.” The same prohibition was put in place for 2021 and 2022. This measure of solidarity and responsibility, according to […]

Community Assessment Hubs April 2020 Ireland

Community Assessment Hubs were created to “help manage the increase of coronavirus cases in the community.” The Health Protection Surveillance Centre, part of the Health Service Executive, which itself is under the Department of Health, has issued information for patients and “training materials for staff working in community assessment hubs.” In addition, the Health Service […]

COVID-19 Recommendations to Ensure Access to Health for Trans, Transvestite, and Non-Binary Persons in the Context of the Pandemic (COVID-19 Recomendaciones Para Garantizar el Acceso a la Salud de las Personas Trans, Travestis y No Binarias en el Contexto de la Pandemia) April 2020 Argentina

The Ministry of Health published a set of recommendations, in line with their Gender Identity Law, aimed at providing care to “trans, transvestite, and non-binary” individuals in the context of the pandemic. The recommended actions include: respecting the gender and name used by the individual, providing care in a way that is consistent with legislation […]

Economic Stimulus and Relief Package April 2020 Namibia

Among other measures, this package provides “support to households” including in the form of “[a]n Emergency Income Grant, to support those employees who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic and its fallout” and a “[t]ax-back loan scheme for tax registered and tax paying (PAYE) employees and self-employed individual persons who have lost income […]

Economic Stimulus and Relief Package: Impact of COVID-19 on the Economy and Households April 2020 Namibia

As part of this package’s provision on “support to households” the “[g]overnment will ensure that water points are kept open without a need for water cards during lockdowns, through NamWater [the Namibia Water Corporation Ltd.] and Local Authorities that will subsidize this critical service. For the First lockdown, this amount is estimated at about N$10.0 […]

Efforts to Support Singapore’s Media Sector April 2020 Singapore

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), a “statutory board in the Singapore government” “is strengthening its efforts to support the media sector in Singapore during the current COVID-19 situation.” Initiatives include both those to support “media professionals and freelancers” (e.g. “support impactful, ground-up initiatives by media associations”) and those to support “media companies (e.g. “help […]

Election Management in Response to COVID-19: 21st National Assembly Elections in the Republic of Korea April 2020 Korea, Rep.

In response to COVID-19, the National Election Commission of the Republic of Korea implemented measures to hold the National Assembly elections on April 15, 2020. Among other measures, the “courses of action” included: the establishment of “voting and counting procedures to prevent and block the spread of COVID-19 through the creation of a system of […]

Executive Order N-45-20 April 2020 United States

The Governor of the State of California issued an Executive Order with provisions to: “facilitate the continued provision of child care during the COVID-19 outbreak,” “ensure that essential critical infrastructure workers can obtain necessary child care to continue working to assist the State’s response to COVID-19,” and “prioritizing enrollment for children of essential critical infrastructure […]

Expatriate Workers to Withdraw Social Security Benefits Before Leaving Kingdom April 2020 Jordan

The Minister of Labour announced that “[e]xpatriate workers . . . who are wishing to leave the Kingdom against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic will be able to withdraw their social security benefits before departure.” Additionally, given the pandemic, “any fines and fees related to work permits” were to be “waivered upon leaving the […]

Government of NCT of Delhi, Delhi Disaster Management Authority April 2020 India

Building on an earlier government order, and to “prevent any crowding/congregation of large number of homeless people” at one particular location, as well as “to ensure social distancing protocol to curb the menace of COVID19,” more than 4000 “homeless persons” were “shifted . . . and accommodated at  . . . temporary shelters in various […]

High Court of Jammu and Kashmir at Jammu, Writ Petition in Public Interest April 2020 India

The High Court of Jammu and Kashmir issued a “writ petition in public interest” in which it recognized the “steep rise” in “complaints relating to crime against women” including domestic violence cases that occurred during the March 2020 lockdown, in particular noting “the inability of women and children from the economic weaker sections of the […]

Indian Health Service Expanded Telehealth Services April 2020 United States

The Indian Health Service (IHS) announced “its expansion of telehealth across IHS federal facilities” allowing “more American Indians and Alaska Natives to access healthcare they need from their home, without worrying about putting themselves or others at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

Intensify Protection for Three Groups of People, Li Keqiang Demanded to “Guarantee Everything that Should be Guaranteed” (“对三类人群加大保障力度,李克强要求“应保尽保”) April 2020 China

These “targeted measures” are designed “to increase basic people’s livelihood protection” including measures targeted at “migrant workers who have paid unemployment insurance but have not found a job,” timely “subsistence allowance and assistance” to “migrant workers who have not participated in the unemployment insurance and whose income is lower than the subsistence allowance,” and protection […]

KPK Issues a Circular for Strengthening the Commitment to COVID-19 Handling Fund Supervision April 2020 Indonesia

As part of its “commitment to the supervision of fund allocated for handling Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19),” the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) “issue[d] [a] Circular Letter . . . on the Implementation of Goods/Services Procurement Budget for Accelerating the Handling of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Relation to the Prevention of the Criminal […]

Law No. 13.987 (Lei No. 13.987) April 2020 Brazil

This law amends Law No. 11,947 of June 16, 2009 with the addition of the following provision: “During the period of suspension of classes in public schools of basic education due to an emergency or public calamity, it is authorized, throughout the national territory, on an exceptional basis, the immediate distribution to parents or guardians […]

Legislative Decree No. 1468: Legislative Decree that Establishes Prevention and Protection Provisions for Persons with Disabilities Facing the Health Emergency Caused by COVID-19 (Decreto Legislativo No. 1468: Decreto Legislativo que Establece Disposiciones de Prevención y Protección para las Personas con Discapacidad ante la Emergencia Sanitaria Ocasionada por el COVID-19) April 2020 Peru

This legislative decree aims to establish prevention and protection measures for persons with disabilities in the face of COVID-19 including by incorporating the perspective of persons with disabilities in all programs, actions, and mechanisms that the State implements. The decree also aims to guarantee the rights of persons with disabilities to health, safety, non-discrimination, freedom […]

Notice Issued By Tra-Oman On The Measures Taken By The Sultanate Of Oman To Guarantee The Provision Of Telecommunication Services, Limit The Spread Of The Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic And Mitigate Its Effects April 2020 Oman

A series of “measures were taken to ensure the continuity of the telecom services and avoid network congestion due to increased demand.” Among others, these include: “provide free distance learning facility in cooperation with the Ministry of Education to all educational institutions with websites ending with ( in order to spare parents and students from […]

NOVISSI April 2020 Togo

“To support eligible Togolese citizens in the informal sector whose daily income has been disrupted by the Coronavirus crisis, the Government of Togo has set up the ‘NOVISSI’ cash transfer scheme. NOVISSI provides monthly financial aid to the most vulnerable individuals and families throughout the duration of the state of health emergency.” Further, “[d]uring the […]

Outdoor Emergency Shelters Add to Urgent Work Protecting People Experiencing Homelessness from COVID-19 April 2020 United States

The City of Portland, JOIN, and “a team of providers and advocates” announced the opening of three “Outdoor Emergency Shelters [which] will operate like temporary tent villages — offering not just a supportive community environment, but also providing access to regular meals, drinking water, shower and handwashing amenities, and restrooms.” Furthermore, “each site will serve […]

Presidential Address on Enhanced Measures in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic by H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta, C.G.H, President and Commander-in-Chief of Kenya Defiance Forces on 6th April, 2020 April 2020 Kenya

In this statement, President Kenyatta “direct[s] the Nairobi Metropolitan Service, to not only continue but expand their provision of free water to all our informal settlements.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan Today Approved “Green Stimulus” Package as Part of Government’s Efforts to Extend Green Cover in the Country April 2020 Pakistan

Prime Minister Khan approved a “Green Stimulus” package that forms “part of Government’s efforts to extend green cover in the country and to create job opportunities for the youth of the country especially in the wake of COVID-19 crisis,” noting that “addressing climatic issues and enhancing green cover of the country was among the foremost priorities […]

Public Schools’ Remote Learning Programme Resumes on Monday April 2020 Bermuda

The Commissioner of Education issued a press release highlighting elements of “public schools’ remote learning programme” including “to ensure that educational activities continue through the extension of irregular school closures,” to provide “[h]ard copies of learning packets . . .  for students who do not have access to a device or the internet to ensure […]

Rapid Responses in the Context of COVID-19 – Medicated Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (VIP) in the 8th and 9th Week of Amenhorrhea Outside of Hospital (Résponses Rapides dans le Cadre du COVID-19 – Interruption Volontaire de Grossesse (IVG) Médicamenteuse à la 8ème et à la 9ème Semaine d’Aménhorrhée (SA) Hors Milieu Hospitalier) April 2020 France

Noting that “it is imperative in the current epidemic situation to guarantee a response to requests for abortion, under conditions that do not lead to exceeding the legal deadlines for abortion, while limiting the exposure of patients and professionals to COVID-19, and conserving the resources of health establishments,” the French National Authority of Health developed […]

Recommendations for the Prevention of COVID-19 in the Afro-descendant Population (Recomendaciones para la Prevención del COVID-19 en Población Afrodescendiente) April 2020 Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Ministry of Health published a set of guidelines to protect Afrodescendant populations from COVID-19. These include actions relating to communication (for example guaranteeing principles of equality and non-discrimination, and taking into account ethnic, cultural, and linguistic diversity when implementing measures to respond to COVID-19) and social activities (for example maintaining at least 1.8 […]

Recycling and Sustainable Management of Food During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency April 2020 United States

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a website that provides “tips and reminders” as well as resources from the EPA, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Department of Agriculture to guide individuals, businesses, and institutions on “Recycling During COVID-19” as well as “Sustainable Management of Food During COVID-19.” The website notes that while […]

Regulations Issued in Terms of Section 27(2) of the Disaster Management Act, 2002 April 2020 South Africa

Pursuant to these regulations, “The National Department of Health shall develop and maintain a national database to enable the tracing of persons who are known or reasonably suspected to have come into contact with any person known or reasonably suspected to have contracted COVID-19.” The regulations note: the categories of information that will be included […]

Rural Broadband Upgrade to Boost COVID-19 Recovery in Remote Communities April 2020 New Zealand

As part of an effort towards economic recovery from COVID-19, “[t]he Government has allocated up to $15 million in savings from the Ultra-fast Broadband initiative to improve rural broadband capacity” with the goal “to provide access to around 99.8 per cent of New Zealanders.” In particular, the Government “is prioritising the upgrade of mobile towers […]

SAMA-Resource Group for Women and Health versus Union of India and Ors. April 2020 India

The High Court of Delhi disposed of a public interest petition submitted on behalf of SAMA-Resource Group for Women and Health. The petition raised the issue of “denial of delivery/child birth services to pregnant women in Delhi and the barriers faced by them and their families in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the […]

State of our Immigrant City, Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA) Annual Report for Calendar Year 2020 April 2020 United States

In order “[t]o address economic barriers and deep gaps in the inclusion of immigrants in COVID-19 relief and crisis response efforts, MOIA [Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs] partnered with the Mayor’s Fund to Advance NYC to create the NYC [New York City] COVID-19 Immigrant Emergency Relief Fund (IERF).” The program, with a “$20 million donation […]

Supreme Decree that Extends the State of National Emergency due to the Serious Circumstances that Affect the Life of the Nation as a Result of COVID-19 and dictates Other Measures (Decreto Supremo No. 064-2010-PCM, Decreto Supremo que Prorroga el Estado de Emergencia Nacional por las Graves Circunstancias que Afectan la Vida de la Nación a Consecuencia del COVID-19 y dicta Otras Medidas) April 2020 Peru

Following an initial decree (Supreme Decree 057-2020, April 2, 2020) that permitted only one person per nuclear family to leave the house for designated reasons (the purchase of groceries and pharmaceutical products) and dictating designated days for males and females, a new decree came into force (Supreme Decree 064-2020-PCM, April 9, 2020) that did not […]

The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) Response to COVID-19 Pandemic April 2020 South Africa

The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), a statutory body under the National Department of Health, issued a document containing a set of guidelines as well as guidance regarding how “existing Regulations, Rules and Guidelines under the [Health Professions] Act [1974]” should be applied to “allow more practitioners into our health system and increase […]

Tunisia | COVID-19: Launch of a platform to aid foreigners in situations of financial fragility (Tunisie | Covid-19 : Lancement d’une application pour venir en aide aux étrangers en situation de fragilité financière) April 2020 Tunisia

Given the ways in which foreigners in vulnerable situations were impacted by Covid-19, the Ministry of Human Rights worked with civil society organizations to create a “commission . . . to monitor the humanitarian situation of foreigners residing in Tunisia.” The commission launched an online platform “to collect requests for aid” from migrants “or their […]

U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM), “Lies in the Time of COVID19” April 2020 United States

“The United States Agency for Global Media and its networks have remained committed to providing accurate and unbiased information about the coronavirus, clarifying any misinformation, and exposing disinformation related to the pandemic” including through a multi-part series entitled “Lies in the time of COVID19” (consisting of II, III, IV, V, VI).

Waiver of Illegal Stay for Foreign Residents and Visitors in Uganda April 2020 Uganda

The Ministry of Internal Affairs issued a press statement to “notify all foreign residents and visitors that fines accruing from illegal stay for foreigners in Uganda for the period 18 March, 2020 to 17 May, 2020 have been waived” and that “[f]oreign residents and visitors with expired immigration facilitates can freely access services in the […]

COVID-19: Special Clinic for Expatriate Workers Established at Hulhumale’ Preschool March 2020 Maldives

In the context of COVID-19, a flu-clinic where “migrant workers . . .  will not be required to present a work permit or documentation” was established. This measure occurs in an environment in which “an overwhelming number of unskilled migrant workers” lack “documentation such as passports and work visas” and one in which “many migrant […]

Department of the Environment, Climate & Communications Annual Report 2020 March 2020 Ireland

The Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications took steps to ensure its efforts continued during the pandemic; for example, delivery of a “Local Authority Climate Action Training Programme . . . migrate[d] online.” Additionally, “the Department supported a number of wide-ranging environmental activities and public awareness initiatives throughout 2020, including . . . An […]

(Secretariat of) Civil Service Maintains Vigilance Over Public Purchases and Reception of Complaints During the Contingency of Covid-19 (Función Pública Mantiene Vigilancia Sobre Compras Públicas y Recepción de Denuncias Durante Contingencia por COVID-19) March 2020 Mexico

The Secretariat of Civil Service announced that “Internal Control Bodies” in the Federal Public Administration will continue “preventive monitoring” with respect to the “processes of public procurement of medicines and supplies within the Health sector” towards the goal of “contribut[ing] to the effective response to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.” These preventative steps are considered “essential […]

65,000 Tablets Being Procured for Schools, Teachers March 2020 Jamaica

According to the “Chief Executive Officer of e-Learning Jamaica,” Cabinet “approved the procurement of 40,000 tablet computers for students and 25,000 devices for teachers, under the Tablets in Schools Project” with plans for a “new phase of the project” for the 2020/2021 fiscal year. This effort, which also involves a collaboration with the Ministry of […]

By Order of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques: The Government, through Unemployment Insurance (SANED), Bears 60% of the Salaries of Saudi Private Sector Labors March 2020 Saudi Arabia

This policy entitles employers “to apply for the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) and request a monthly compensation payment” as a way to avoid having to terminate contracts of employees.

Caring for People of Determination Amid COVID-19 March 2020 United Arab Emirates

The government has put into place several initiatives to support “people of determination” (Note: “The UAE refers to the people with disabilities as ‘people of determination’ in recognition of their achievements in different fields.”). These include: the “Rest Assured” Initiative which “consists of five core programmes . . .  to respond to the demands of […]

Circular, Traveller Accommodation Support Unit March 2020 Ireland

A circular issued by the Traveller Accommodation Support Unit to “all directors of service-housing” noting that “[s]ome members of the Traveller community, particularly those living on sites with limited facilities, may be particularly vulnerable and extra measures may need to be put in place to protect Travellers living in Traveller specific accommodation in each local […]

Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill: Equality Impact Assessment March 2020 United Kingdom

The government carried out Equality Impact Assessments to consider the impact of the urgent measures contained in the Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill (March 2020) and in the Coronavirus (Scotland)(No. 2) Bill (May 2020). The first assessment concluded that “the Bill is likely to have a direct positive impact on all children and young people with protected […]

Coronavirus: Polygraph and Directorate-General of Health Establish Partnership against “Fake News” (Coronavírus: Polígrafo e Direção-Geral da Saúde Estabelecem Parceria contra as “Fake News”) March 2020 Portugal

Coronavirus related material published by the fact-checking platform Polígrafo “will be previously subject to scientific validation by an expert appointed by the Directorate-General for Health.” This effort is being undertaken in order to “fight against misinformation” regarding COVID-19 and to address the risk to public health resulting from the “publication and sharing of false information.”

COVID-19 Economic Response, “Supporting the Flow of Credit” March 2020 Australia

As one element of its “COVID-19 Economic Response,” the “Government, Reserve Bank of Australia and the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority have taken coordinated action to support the flow of credit in the Australian economy, in particular for small and medium enterprises (SMEs)” on the basis that “[t]imely access to cheaper credit is vital to help […]

COVID-19 Emergency Housing (COVID-19 Hébergement d’urgence) March 2020 France

Through this legislation, France has set aside more than 5,000 hotel rooms and has maintained 40 shelters to permit homeless individuals to self-isolate if they have been exposed to or have contracted COVID-19. The government has committed 50 million euros to funding this initiative.

COVID-19 Response (Urgent Management Measures) Legislation Bill March 2020 New Zealand

Measures implemented in order to “respond effectively to COVID-19” included the temporary enactment of rent freezes as well as “restrictions on termination of tenancy.” These measures comprised “New Schedule 5 inserted into Residential Tenancies Act 1986.”

COVID-19 Response Plan for Ministry of Education March 2020 Bhutan

The Ministry of Education of has “carried out” a “preparedness and response” plan that followed a Plan outlined by the “Education Disaster Response Coordination Mechanism (EDRCM).” Elements of this plan include a range of measures “[t]o ensure the continuity of education and meaningful engagement of students” including: “develop[ing] multiple online teaching learning materials,” providing counseling […]

COVID-19 Response Updates March 2020 Ireland

The Courts Service of Ireland’s dedicated website on “COVID-19 Response Updates” contains information, updated on a regular basis, about measures taken in relation to the court system during the COVID-19 pandemic. Several of these updates explicitly note the importance of access to justice, noting, for example, that “[t]he main priority for the Courts Service is […]

COVID-19 Response: Antigua Public Utilities Authority March 2020 Antigua and Barbuda

The government “enlist[ed]” the “assistance” of APUA (Antigua Public Utilities Authority) to: “cushion the pain of unemployment.” Among other measures, APUA “agreed [t]o cease all disconnections of APUA water and electricity to households for three months” and “[t]o re-connect those APUA customers who have been recently disconnected (except for theft of services).” In August 2020, […]

COVID-19: Eviction Bans and Suspensions to Support Renters March 2020 Canada

Because “rental housing falls under provincial jurisdiction” in Canada, provinces and territories including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Yukon enacted various housing measures including eviction bans and rent increase freezes.  

Decree 460 of 2020: By Which Measures are Dictated to Guarantee the Provision of the Service in Charge of Family Police Stations, within the State of Economic, Social and Ecological Emergency (Decreto 460 de 2020: Por el Cual se Dictan Medidas para Garantizar la Prestación del Servicio a Cargo de las Comisarías de Familia, Dentro del Estado de Emergencia Económica, Social y Ecológica) March 2020 Colombia

In order to ensure the continuation of services to address violence against women, and to have in place a framework that incorporates a focus on gender in the response to COVID-19, this decree notes that “family police stations” play a role in “the duty to guarantee the right to a life free of violence within […]

Department of the Environment, Climate & Communications Annual Report 2020 March 2020 Ireland

The Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications took steps to ensure its efforts continued during the pandemic; for example, delivery of a “Local Authority Climate Action Training Programme . . . migrate[d] online.” Additionally, “the Department supported a number of wide-ranging environmental activities and public awareness initiatives throughout 2020, including . . . An […]

Directive Implementing Executive Orders 2-2020 and 3-2020 Providing Measures to Limit Foreclosures, Evictions, and Disconnections from Service March 2020 United States

According to this directive from the governor of Montana, “no business or political subdivision of the State supplying . . . water” among other utilities, “for use, in whole or in part, in a dwelling unit or residence shall terminate that service.” Additionally, “[n]o fee or charge for late or untimely payment that becomes due […]

Economic Response to the Coronavirus, JobKeeper Payment March 2020 Australia

Under this program, extended until March 28, 2021, “businesses and not‐for-profits significantly impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak” could “access a wage subsidy from the Government to continue paying their employees.” This allowed “businesses to keep people in their jobs and re-start” following the crisis and also allowed employees to “keep their job and earn an income.” The […]

Enforcement of the Infection Protection Act (IfSG) (Vollzug des Infektionsschutzgesetzes (IfSG)) March 2020 Germany

According to a decree issued by the Bavarian State Ministry for Health and Care and the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, Sport and Integration, runoff elections for the previously-held general municipal and district elections were to be “carried out exclusively as postal votes,” with ballot papers being automatically sent to all persons entitled to vote.

Etisalat and Du Provide Mobile Internet for Families Who Have No Home Internet to Enable Distance Learning March 2020 United Arab Emirates

The “TRA [Telecommunications Regulatory Authority] announced that it has coordinated with service providers to provide free internet data via mobile phone to families with no home internet services, in order to facilitate their access to a distance learning service launched by the Ministry of Education with the support of [service providers] ‘Etisalat’ and ‘Du’.”

Executive Order No. 202.12: Continuing Temporary Suspension and Modification of Laws Relating to the Disaster Emergency March 2020 United States

Following policies at some private hospitals in New York City “barring spouses, partners and other family members or outside support people, such as doulas, from the delivery room,” Executive Order 202.12 issued a directive stating that “[a]ny article twenty-eight facility licensed by the state, shall, as a condition of licensure permit attendance of one support […]

Extraordinary Distribution of the Amount of € 2,255,000.00, from the Central Independent Resources for the Year 2020 in Municipalities of Chora, to Cover Needs to Avoid the Spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 in Roma and other Settlements (ΘΕΜΑ: Έκτακτη κατανομή ποσού 2.255.000,00 €, από τους Κεντρικούς Αυτοτελείς Πόρους έτους 2020 σε Δήμους της Χώρας, προς κάλυψη αναγκών για την αποφυγή της διάδοσης του κορονοϊού COVID-19 σε οικισμούς και καταυλισμούς Ρομά) March 2020 Greece

The Ministry of Interior’s fund (“Central Independent Resources of Municipalities”) containing € 2,255,000.00 will be distributed to municipalities “for supplies of material as well as other services related to addressing the urgent and unforeseen need for prevention and dissemination measures of coronavirus COVID-19 in Roma settlements and settlements.” Using this funding, “the Municipalities can finance […]

Free School Meals Payment Scheme March 2020 United Kingdom

The Communities Minister and Education Minister announced a scheme to address free meals during school closures that “will see the introduction of direct payments to families whose children would usually benefit from a school meal.” The announcement notes that “[a]lmost 97,000 children in Northern Ireland are entitled to free school meals.”

General Protocol for the Distribution of Food in Public Education Centers with the Suspension of Lessons, as a Result of the COVID-19 National Emergency (Protocolo General para la Distribución de Alimentos en Centros Educativos Públicos con Suspensión de Lecciones, a Raíz de la Emergencia Nacional por COVID-19) March 2020 Costa Rica

The Ministry of Public Education put into place a protocol which authorizes the delivery of food packages during the suspension of classes to guarantee the continuation of food service that school canteens would otherwise provide. The protocol specifically notes that “the right to food is a human right” citing to various international human rights treaties.

Guidelines for the Implementation of the Tulong Panghanapbuhay sa Ating Displaced/Disadvantaged Workers Program (TUPAD) March 2020 Philippines

The Tulong Panghanapbuhay sa Ating Displaced/Disadvantaged Workers Program “is a community based (municipality/barangay) package of assistance that provides temporary wage employment.” Qualified beneficiaries of the program include “the underemployed, self-employed workers and displaced marginalized workers who have lost their livelihood or whose earnings were affected due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine against COVID-19.”

I Learn at Home: Online Educational Materials and Resources (Aprendo en Casa: Materiales y Recursos Educativos Online) March 2020 Spain

The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training has launched a website “I Learn at Home” that provides a range of educational resources, tools, and applications aimed at teachers, families, and students. Materials include those prepared and implemented by autonomous communities, private entities, and others. The website also contains information about an initiative entitled “We Learn […]

Icelandic Government Announces 1.6bn USD Response Package to the COVID-19 Crisis March 2020 Iceland

In March 2020, the government “announced the first-phase response measures to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic” with a “package . . .  equivalent to ISK 230 bn (USD 1.6 bn) or just under 8% of Icelandic GDP.” Through this package, the “Government aims to safeguard the economic livelihood of people and businesses, protecting […]

Indigenous Community Support Fund March 2020 Canada

Starting in March 2020, Canada put in place a fund that “helps Indigenous communities and organizations prevent, prepare and respond to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).” The fund supports the following groups: “First Nations communities and organizations, including self-governing and modern treaty nations, Inuit communities and organizations in Inuit Nunangat, Métis communities and organizations, and Urban and […]

Kenya Approves Roll Out of Google Loon 4G to Mitigate Coronavirus Disruptions March 2020 Kenya

President Kenyatta “announced the approval of Google Loon Services in Kenya to enable universal 4G data coverage in the country,” a measure intended to “respond to the disruptions caused by the global Coronavirus pandemic that has seen many people work from home to avoid contracting the respiratory illness.”

KfW Special Program Extension March 2020 Germany

The Federal Government and KfW, “one of the world’s leading promotional banks,” announced the extension of the “KfW special program,” originally launched in March 2020 “until December 31, 2021.” The  March 2020 plan was “available to both small and medium-sized companies as well as large companies” that had temporarily encountered financing challenges resulting from Coronavirus. Changes […]

Mask-19 March 2020 Spain

The objective of Mask-19 is for women facing “a situation of risk or danger for their physical, psychological and/or or sexual integrity, both in their closest family environment and on the street” to be able to go to a pharmacy and request a “Mask-19.” Upon receiving this request, pharmacies are to “make a call to […]

Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth Emergency Grant March 2020 United States

The Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth awarded more than $18,000 “in emergency grants to combat the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on LGBTQ youth.” Recipients included individual youths as well as organizations that “received funding in order to provide virtual services to clients in lieu of in-person services, such as online drop-in centers or telehealth […]

Materials for Health Team (Materiales para Equipos de Salud) March 2020 Argentina

The National Directorate of Sexual and Reproductive Health (NDSRH) issued a series of five “Informative Notes” (while not all of the “notes” directly address reproductive rights in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, they are all included here for the sake of completeness and those specific to the pandemic are noted as such). “Recommendations to […]

Measures Undertaken by the Government in Addressing the Impact of COVID-19 in Brunei Darussalam March 2020 Brunei Darussalam

The “Supporting and Assisting Businesses” section of this plan includes: “[d]eferment on principal repayments on loans for businesses and individuals affected in all sectors,” the waiver of “[t]rade and payment transaction fees” for certain industries, “[d]eferment on principal repayments” on certain types of loans, “[d]eferment on principal repayments on personal financing/loans related to land (hartanah), […]

Ministerial Agreement No. 009-2020 (Acuerdo Ministerial No. 009-2020) March 2020 Ecuador

The Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society, noting the country’s constitutional obligation to guarantee that public services respond to principles of, among others, universality, accessibility, and quality, issued guidelines regarding the provision of, and access to, telecommunications services during the state of national health emergency due to COVID-19. These guidelines include that “the Agency of […]

National Eviction Moratorium March 2020 Australia

The National Cabinet “agreed to a moratorium on evictions over the next six months for commercial and residential tenancies in financial distress who are unable to meet their commitments due to the impact of coronavirus” and to a “common set of principles . . .  to underpin and govern intervention to aid commercial tenancies . […]

Notice on Compensation for Occupationally-Acquired Novel Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) under Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, 130 of 1993 as Amended March 2020 South Africa

South Africa amended its existing Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, 1993 to address “occupationally-acquired COVID-19” which is defined as being “contracted by an employee . . . arising out of and in the course of his or her employment.” The legislation specifies the nature and amount of benefits to be provided and provides […]

Order 3863-B/2020 March 2020 Portugal

According to Order 3863-B/2020, “foreign citizens” with pending cases before the Portuguese Immigration and Border Services (SEF) seeking protection and status as asylum seekers, refugees, or those seeking “subsidiary protection” were to be granted a “stay” in Portugal and the regularization of their status. Further, those individuals protected by this order could use valid documentation […]

Packages of Measures to Alleviate and Neutralize Economic Consequences of Covid-19 Outbreak March 2020 Armenia

Armenia enacted a series of at least nine measures to both “alleviate” and “neutralize” the economic consequences of the pandemic. these measures were aimed to support: “separate business entities operating in the Republic of Armenia” (1st Package of Measures to Alleviate the Economic Consequences of Covid-19 Outbreak), “separate business entities operating in the agricultural sector” […]

Pandemic Preparedness in the Workplace and the Americans with Disabilities Act March 2020 United States

This guidance which “provides information” about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Rehabilitation Act, and “pandemic planning in the workplace” was “re-issued on March 19, 2020, to incorporate updates regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.” The guidance “identifies established ADA principles that are relevant to questions frequently asked about workplace pandemic planning” and includes information on […]

Pandemic Response Accountability Committee March 2020 United States

The Pandemic Response Accountability Committee (PRAC) was allocated $80,000,000 in the “Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act,” also known as “the CARES Act’’ to “promote transparency and support oversight of funds provided in [the CARES] Act to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus, domestically or internationally.” According to its 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, the […]

Questions and Answers on Providing Services to Children with Disabilities During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Outbreak March 2020 United States

This document addresses “states’ responsibilities to infants, toddlers, and children with disabilities and their families, and to the staff serving these children.” Questions and answers address: obligations of local educational agencies to students with disabilities, whether distance learning plans can be considered “as a contingency plan,” and the types of activities “other than special education […]

Revised Guidance for Schools in Wales: Supporting Children Eligible For Free School Meals March 2020 United Kingdom

“This guidance sets out what schools should do to help ensure that pupils who receive free school meals continue to be provided with access to food whilst their statutory education has been temporarily suspended because of the COVID-19 outbreak.”

SAMHSA Resources and Information March 2020 United States

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) has a dedicated website on Coronavirus (COVID-19) containing “guidance and resources to assist individuals, providers, communities and states” based on the recognition of “challenges posed by COVID-19.” These include grants as well as guidance for behavioral health providers, facilities, employers, the general public, and OTPs (Opioid Treatment […]

Secretary Perdue Announces Proactive Flexibilities to Feed Children When Schools Close March 2020 United States

This announcement addresses student access to food during the pandemic including through “proactive flexibilities” that will “allow meal service during school closure to minimize potential exposure to the coronavirus.”

Senate Bill No. 117, Chapter 3 An Act Relating to Education Finance, and Making an Appropriation Therefor, to Take Effect Immediately, Bill Related to the Budget March 2020 United States

This California bill addresses “Education finance: average daily attendance and timeline waivers: protective equipment and cleaning appropriation.” Among other measures, the bill would: “prevent the loss of funding related to an instructional time penalty because of a school closed due to the coronavirus (COVID–19),” provide extensions on “the deadline to conduct the English learner assessment” […]

Students to Continue their Learning by Making Full Use of the Available Digital e-Learning Platforms March 2020 India

The Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister “asked students to continue their learning by making full use of the available digital e-Learning platforms during the period the educational institutions are closed as a precautionary measure against  COVID-19” and also “urged educational institutions to promote digital learning and make students aware of the various digital/e-learning platforms […]

Support Package for Māori Communities and Businesses through COVID-19 March 2020 New Zealand

New Zealand’s plan, including its economic package, contains provisions “to support Māori communities and businesses in the face of COVID-19” including funding “targeted directly to Māori Health services,” assistance to Māori businesses, and an “employment and skills programme for young people . . . well-placed to assist with the Māori response effort.”

Supreme Decree No. 044-2020-PCM (Decreto Supremo No. 044-2020-PCM) March 2020 Peru

The “Supreme Decree declaring a State of National Emergency due to the serious circumstances that affect the life of the Nation as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak” (No. 044-2020-PCM) guarantees the continuity of water, sanitation, and other “access to public services and essential goods and services.”

Technical Guidelines for the Prevention of COVID-19 in Indigenous Territories, Version 1 (Lineamientos Técnicos para la Prevención de COVID-19 en Territorios Indígenas, Versión 1) March 2020 Costa Rica

The Ministry of Health published a set of guidelines to protect indigenous populations from COVID-19 that include actions relating to communal participation in the prevention of COVID-19, communication and prevention efforts, approaches to suspected cases of COVID-19, and treatment of COVID-19 positive patients. A second edition of these guidelines was published in August 2020.

The People-Centric Economic Stimulus Package (PRIHATIN): No One Will Be Left Behind March 2020 Malaysia

“Several packages will be offered in collaboration with various telecommunications companies (telcos), including efforts to improve telecommunications network and free Internet offerings, that are collectively worth RM1 billion. To ensure that the people’s well-being is protected, the Government is committed to ensure that no one is left behind, especially from the B40 and M40 income groups, to […]

Translation of COVID-19 Related Information into Sign Language for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community including “Public Notice from the Office of the Prime Minister on Coronavirus Disease 2019” March 2020 Rwanda

UN Development Programme (UNDP) in Rwanda has “partnered with the Rwandan National Union of the Deaf (RNUD) and National Council for People with Disabilities (NCPD) to translate all COVID-19 information into sign language for the deaf people across the country” to address the fact that “[d]eaf and hard-of-hearing people were at the highest risk of […]

Visa Extensions for Health Workers During Coronavirus (COVID-19) March 2020 United Kingdom

Eligibility for one-year visa extensions was granted to qualifying health workers and their family members whose visas were set to expire between April 1 and September 30 2021 and who “work for the NHS [National Health Service] or an independent healthcare provider in an eligible profession.” The list of professions includes approximately 20 categories ranging […]

We Continue Educating (Seguimos Educando) March 2020 Argentina

The Ministry of Education, through its “We Continue Educating” website made available a collection of digital educational materials and resources. The resources are organized by educational level, format, and subject area. These materials are part of the “preventive measures” announced by the Ministry in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.