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(Secretariat of) Civil Service Maintains Vigilance Over Public Purchases and Reception of Complaints During the Contingency of Covid-19 (Función Pública Mantiene Vigilancia Sobre Compras Públicas y Recepción de Denuncias Durante Contingencia por COVID-19)

Date Enacted: March 2020
Country: Mexico

The Secretariat of Civil Service announced that “Internal Control Bodies” in the Federal Public Administration will continue “preventive monitoring” with respect to the “processes of public procurement of medicines and supplies within the Health sector” towards the goal of “contribut[ing] to the effective response to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.” These preventative steps are considered “essential tasks of the Public Function,” and thus will be “reinforced” in coordination with other government offices as well, including to “close spaces of corruption.” Additionally, an agreement was to be put in place establishing that the Ministry of Public Function will continue to receive citizen complaints during the pandemic, including through electronic mediums, in order to “support the fight against bad practices and promote the good performance of the public service.” Further, complaints with respect to “deficiencies in the provision of public health, safety and civil protection services” will be made through a dedicated government portal and will be exempted from other processes that are suspended.