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Human Rights
Human Rights

Government of Spain Extends Temporary Lay-off Plans and Special Aid to the Self-Employed until 30 September

Date Enacted: May 2021
Country: Spain

“The Council of Ministers has approved the Royal Decree-Law to defend employment and economic reactivation and to protect the self-employed.” This measures “includes the extension of the Temporary Lay-off Plans (ERTE) until 30 September 2021.” Other measures that will remain in place include: “the express prohibition on dismissing workers from companies using ERTEs due to COVID” and “extraordinary benefits for self-employed workers who are unable to carry out their normal activity.” The extension also applies to “the flexibility measures” in Royal Decree-Law 2/2021 and “extraordinary measures for workers’ unemployment protection” in Royal Decree-Law 30/2020. The Temporary Lay-Off plans had also been extended previously in May 2020, June 2020, September 2020, and January 2021.