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Ministry of Culture: Preventive Messages About Coronavirus Reinforced in 10 Regions with Afro-Peruvian Populations (Ministerio de Cultura: Se Refuerzan Mensajes Preventivos sobre Coronavirus en 10 Regiones con Población Afroperuana)

Date Enacted: May 2020
Country: Peru

The Ministry of Culture’s informational campaign is directed at the ten regions of the country with the highest Afro Peruvian concentration, given their heightened vulnerability in the face of COVID-19. The campaign materials, containing messages about prevention, include an animated video, digital posters, and radio spots, created in a way that is culturally relevant for the Afro Peruvian population. The content of the messages was created with the participation and support of various agencies including the National Institute of Health, the Ministry of Health, and the Working Group with the Afro-Peruvian Population.