Human Rights Measure

Human Rights
Human Rights


Date Enacted: March 2020
Country: Spain

The objective of Mask-19 is for women facing “a situation of risk or danger for their physical, psychological and/or or sexual integrity, both in their closest family environment and on the street” to be able to go to a pharmacy and request a “Mask-19.” Upon receiving this request, pharmacies are to “make a call to alert the emergency services of the situation” and to provide certain information, “guaranteeing at all times maximum discretion and confidentiality.” The Canary Institute of Equality, in a letter to Autonomous Communities, has further identified the following goals of the Mask-19 campaign: to facilitate the process for women victims of gender violence in situations of confinement to seek help and “making them feel they are not alone,” to discourage aggressors and “letting them know that society . . . is vigilant in protecting women from all possible aggression,” to involve those in the social and health sector, such as pharmacies, “in the fight against gender violence,” and to “sensitize society as a whole” to reject such violence.