Human Rights Measure

Human Rights
Human Rights

Supreme Decree that Extends the State of National Emergency due to the Serious Circumstances that Affect the Life of the Nation as a Result of COVID-19 and dictates Other Measures (Decreto Supremo No. 064-2010-PCM, Decreto Supremo que Prorroga el Estado de Emergencia Nacional por las Graves Circunstancias que Afectan la Vida de la Nación a Consecuencia del COVID-19 y dicta Otras Medidas)

Date Enacted: April 2020
Country: Peru

Following an initial decree (Supreme Decree 057-2020, April 2, 2020) that permitted only one person per nuclear family to leave the house for designated reasons (the purchase of groceries and pharmaceutical products) and dictating designated days for males and females, a new decree came into force (Supreme Decree 064-2020-PCM, April 9, 2020) that did not contain this sex-based provision and instead stated that one person per nuclear family was permitted to leave the house for designated reasons between Monday and Saturday. This second decree followed “backlash from LGBTQ+ activists.” Additionally, before the second decree was issued, former President Martín Vizcarra explained during a press conference that “clear instructions would be provided to the Armed Forces and national police such that this measure would not be a pretext for any homophobic measures,” stating on more than one occasion during this announcement the inclusive nature of his government (relevant excerpt from press conference available here).