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Prime Minister Imran Khan Today Approved “Green Stimulus” Package as Part of Government’s Efforts to Extend Green Cover in the Country

Date Enacted: April 2020
Country: Pakistan
Region: South Asia

Prime Minister Khan approved a “Green Stimulus” package that forms “part of Government’s efforts to extend green cover in the country and to create job opportunities for the youth of the country especially in the wake of COVID-19 crisis,” noting that “addressing climatic issues and enhancing green cover of the country was among the foremost priorities of the present Government.” As part of this package, the Ministry of Climate Change was directed “to prepare a plan of action for engaging international community under Debt for Nature Swap program to convert part of country’s debt into grant for greater plantation and environment protection activities.” The World Economic Forum notes that Pakistan’s “Green Stimulus” package is an example of using the opportunities provided by the COVID-19 pandemic to achieve the goals of “protecting nature and creating green jobs.”