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Guidelines for the Prevention and Mitigation of COVID-19 in the Care of Pregnancy, Childbirth, Puerperium and the Newborn (Lineamiento para la Prevención y Mitigación de COVID-19 en la Atención del Embarazo, Parto, Puerperio y de la Persona Recién Nacida)

Date Enacted: July 2020
Country: Mexico

Noting that “[d]uring the COVID-19 pandemic, sexual and reproductive health services, and in particular, care during pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium and of the newborn, are classified as essential services that must be maintained in accordance with COVID-19 prevention and mitigation measures,” these guidelines include a range of recommendations including guidelines that address: “timely interventions to prevent maternal morbidity and mortality associated with COVID-19;” labor, delivery, and newborn care; safe abortion care; and considerations for care based on the human, sexual and reproductive rights framework.