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Sociocultural Guide for Prevention, Containment and Management of Cases of COVID-19 among Indigenous Peoples (Guía Sociocultural para la prevención, contención y manejo de casos COVID-19)

Date Enacted: August 2020
Country: Guatemala

The guide compiles actions suggested by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance, through the Unit of Indigenous Peoples and Interculturality, to be applied in communities where inhabitants of the Maya, Garífuna, and Xinka communities live, as they face the COVID-19 pandemic. The guide, intended to be consulted and used by communities and organizations of indigenous persons, as well as health professionals, contains a series of proposed actions which are based on the need for the provision of comprehensive care that is culturally appropriate and relevant, in order to comply with the collective rights of indigenous peoples who, “given their diverse sociocultural contexts, require a different attention, with a focus on human rights.”