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Human Rights

New York Contact Tracing Law: Senate Bill S8450C

Date Enacted: June 2020
Country: United States
Region: North America

The New York legislation includes provisions on: confidentiality (“All contact tracing information shall be kept confidential by any contact tracer and contact tracing entity, and may not be disclosed except as necessary to carry out contact tracing or a permitted purpose”), restrictions as to individuals and entities to whom contact tracing information may be provided and under what circumstances (“No contact tracer or contact tracing entity may provide contact tracing information to a law enforcement agent or entity or immigration authority . . . this subdivision does not restrict providing information, relating to a specified principal individual or contact individual, where and only to the extent necessary for a permitted purpose”), and a requirement that regulations be put in place regarding “technical safeguards and policies and procedures for storage, transmission, use and protection of [contact tracing] information.”