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Human Rights

Guide for Attention to Indigenous and Afro-Mexican Villages and Communities before the Health Emergency Generated by the SARS-CoV2 Virus (COVID-19) (Guía para la Atención de Pueblos y Comunidades Indígenas y Afromexicanas ante la Emergencia Sanitaria Generada por el Virus SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19))

Date Enacted: May 2020
Country: Mexico

Recognizing the government obligation to adopt measures to guarantee the right to health and effective access to health services for all persons in its territory, in particular for vulnerable populations including indigenous and Afro-Mexican communities, this guide contains eight measures towards this end. These include: that information related to the epidemic should be translated and disseminated in ways that are culturally and linguistically relevant; that all government authorities should respect the exercise of self-determination and autonomy of indigenous and Afro-Mexican communities, including through coordination efforts with community authorities; and measures for economic and social recuperation of indigenous and Afro-Mexican communities should be taken from the perspective of sustainability, including through cash transfer programs for community projects.