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Law 2068 that Modifies the General Tourism Law and Issues other Provisions (Ley No. 2068 (Por el Cual se Modifica la Ley General de Turismo y se dictan Otras Disposiciones)

Date Enacted: December 2020
Country: Colombia

Law 2068 modifies the General Law of Tourism and aims “to promote sustainability” and “implement mechanisms for the conservation, protection, and use of tourist destinations and attractions.” Among other provisions, those that focus on environmental priorities include: “a sustainable tourism action plan that contains a strategy to comprehensively manage the environmental impacts of tourist activity,” “protection measures for the coastal zone and beaches” including “special measures to counteract maritime erosion,” and “the development of public-private strategies for mitigation and adaptation to climate change aimed at minimizing the carbon footprint of the tourism sector.” The Colombian Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism noted the importance of this measure given that the tourism “sector is widely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic” and the Vice Minister of Tourism emphasized that the law contains measures aimed at “conservation of the environment and natural resources.”