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Human Rights
Human Rights

Helping People Who Use Substances During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Date Enacted: July 2021
Country: Canada
Region: North America

Recognizing that “[t]he COVID-19 pandemic is adding to the ongoing public health crisis related to high rates of overdose and deaths, as well as acute substance use harms,” Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada are “taking a number of targeted actions to reduce the risk of harm for people who use substances” such that “people who use substances can continue to access treatment and harm reduction services during the pandemic.” These measures include “[i]mproving access to overdose prevention services,” “[f]acilitating access to medications,” “[p]roviding guidance and awareness on changes to accessing medication,” [a]ddressing the urgent needs in Indigenous communities,” and “[c]onnecting Canadians with mental health and substance use supports.”