Privacy Policy

Our information collection and use practices

We may use information you provide, in all formats, to meet our obligations to you as a stakeholder, to respond to your inquiries and for our own marketing and development purposes. 

This website may collect personally identifiable information about you when you visit the site to facilitate providing you with online services. This information may include your name and contact information (email, address, telephone number) and other identifiers as necessary for the online application or service to enhance our offerings and web services, and to provide website feedback.

Cookies and website analytics

This website employs cookies and similar technology to collect aggregate (non-personal) information about your website usage. This allows the website to remember you when you login in the future and to know your preferences when you return to it. Cookies may remain on your browser, unless you delete them or they expire. Please be advised that some cookies may remain for a period of time while others are erased when you close your browser window. You may adjust your browser settings and decline cookies, but this may impact some features of the website. 

Many websites use Google Analytics (or other similar web analytics tools) to collect information about visitor traffic and their behavior on our sites. We use these tools to identify usage trends, to improve the performance and to enhance the content of our websites. When we use these tools, we do not use them to identify you and we limit the collection or storage of your personal information.