Human Rights Measure

Human Rights
Human Rights

Amenities for People with Disabilities during the Pandemic

Date Enacted: May 2020
Country: Poland

As part of the “Anti-Crisis Shield Act,” support was provided “for caregivers of adults with disabilities, in the case of the shutdown of rehabilitation and educational centre, support centres or day-care centres which the person attended.” Additionally, this measure allowed for “the possibility of issuing a disability certificate without a direct examination and the temporary renewal of disability certificates, disability status certificates, entitlements and benefit payments” as well as “war (military) disability certificates, identity cards issued to victims of repressions, as well as pensioner identity cards, identity cards of persons with disabilities as well as parking cards.” Further, a program entitled “Assistance to Persons with Disabilities Affected by Natural Disasters or Crisis Situations Caused by Infectious Diseases” enabled “persons who took advantage of rehabilitation classes conducted in institutions whose activities have been suspended due to the risk posed by the coronavirus” to “apply for financial support” of 500PLN a month. Another related “innovation” was “a video help line . . . developed under the Accessibility Plus programme” and “dedicated to d/Deaf people who need information in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic” and “is available 24/7.”