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Human Rights
Human Rights

CCSA (Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration) Measures Summarized from PM’s Statement on April 2, 2020

Date Enacted: April 2020
Country: Thailand

As part of a series of measures related to COVID-19, the Prime Minister and Defense Minister announced “[e]conomic stimulus measures” including a “5,000-Baht subsidy for 3 months for over 9 million daily workers/freelancers/informal workers, refund of deposit for electricity and water use, reduction of electricity and water fees for 3 months, debt moratorium for house and car mortgage payment, extension of pawn ticket payment, reduction of credit card minimum payment, reduction of employee social security contribution rate to 1% for 3 months, and a number of tax measures to alleviate the plight of entrepreneurs.” It was subsequently reported that “[s]ome 13.4 million non-formal workers have been approved for the monthly 5000-baht cash handout from the government.”