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Human Rights
Human Rights

Statement by the Minister of Finance, Mr. Konstantinos Petridis in a joint press conference with the Ministers of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance and Health

Date Enacted: March 2021
Country: Cyprus

The government has provided different types of economic support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic: in July 2020, this took the form of “one-time state support of € 100 million . . .  to 30,000 companies and self-employed persons to cover their operating expenses, such as rents and installments to deal with the effects of the pandemic;” in November 2020, “the second one-off package was given due to targeted restrictive measures in Limassol and Paphos;” and in February 2021, “the third one-off plan of € 200 million was announced for all companies and self-employed workers affected by the pandemic.” As of March 2021, the “total support package, together with the other targeted measures to support the economy and employees” amounted to € 1.6 billion. Also in March, the government announced “a new support package of the economy” that “is targeted and concerns companies and self-employed people who continue to be affected due to the restrictive measures.”