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Multisectoral Strategy for the Protection of Indigenous Communities in the Health Emergency of COVID-19, Decree 1489 (Estrategia Multisectorial para Protección de los Pueblos Indígenas u Originarios en el Marco de la Emergencia Sanitaria por el COVID-19, Decreto 1489) Equality, Indigenous peoples

Peru’s Decree 1489 sets out five actions to protect and care for indigenous or native communities within the framework of the COVID-19 health emergency in the areas of: health response,…

Superintendency Resolution No. 000170-2021-Migrations (Resolución de Superintendencia No. 000170-2021-Migraciones) Equality, Migration, asylum, and trafficking

Accounting for various “limitations and measures” due to the “state of health emergency declared by the Peruvian State due to COVID-19,” this measure contains provisions including: extending “the term of…

Legislative Decree No. 1468: Legislative Decree that Establishes Prevention and Protection Provisions for Persons with Disabilities Facing the Health Emergency Caused by COVID-19 (Decreto Legislativo No. 1468: Decreto Legislativo que Establece Disposiciones de Prevención y Protección para las Personas con Discapacidad ante la Emergencia Sanitaria Ocasionada por el COVID-19) Equality, Persons with disabilities

This legislative decree aims to establish prevention and protection measures for persons with disabilities in the face of COVID-19 including by incorporating the perspective of persons with disabilities in all…

Ministry of Culture: Preventive Messages About Coronavirus Reinforced in 10 Regions with Afro-Peruvian Populations (Ministerio de Cultura: Se Refuerzan Mensajes Preventivos sobre Coronavirus en 10 Regiones con Población Afroperuana) Equality, Racial and ethnic minorities

The Ministry of Culture’s informational campaign is directed at the ten regions of the country with the highest Afro Peruvian concentration, given their heightened vulnerability in the face of COVID-19….

Supreme Decree that Extends the State of National Emergency due to the Serious Circumstances that Affect the Life of the Nation as a Result of COVID-19 and dictates Other Measures (Decreto Supremo No. 064-2010-PCM, Decreto Supremo que Prorroga el Estado de Emergencia Nacional por las Graves Circunstancias que Afectan la Vida de la Nación a Consecuencia del COVID-19 y dicta Otras Medidas) Equality, LGBTIQ+

Following an initial decree (Supreme Decree 057-2020, April 2, 2020) that permitted only one person per nuclear family to leave the house for designated reasons (the purchase of groceries and…

Supreme Decree No. 044-2020-PCM (Decreto Supremo No. 044-2020-PCM) Social-economic rights, Water and sanitation

The “Supreme Decree declaring a State of National Emergency due to the serious circumstances that affect the life of the Nation as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak” (No. 044-2020-PCM)…

Municipality of Lima Initiates Implementation of Network of 46KM of Temporary Bike Paths (Municipalidad de Lima Inició Implementación de una Red de 46 Km de Ciclovías Temporales) Environmental justice, Governance

The Deputy Management Office of Non-Motorized Transport of Lima began implementation of a network of temporary bicycle lanes in the municipality of Lima “to contribute to social distancing” given the…