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COVID-19 Recommendations to Ensure Access to Health for Trans, Transvestite, and Non-Binary Persons in the Context of the Pandemic (COVID-19 Recomendaciones Para Garantizar el Acceso a la Salud de las Personas Trans, Travestis y No Binarias en el Contexto de la Pandemia) Equality, LGBTIQ+

The Ministry of Health published a set of recommendations, in line with their Gender Identity Law, aimed at providing care to “trans, transvestite, and non-binary” individuals in the context of…

Materials for Health Team (Materiales para Equipos de Salud) Equality, Reproductive rights

The National Directorate of Sexual and Reproductive Health (NDSRH) issued a series of five “Informative Notes” (while not all of the “notes” directly address reproductive rights in the context of…

We Continue Educating (Seguimos Educando) Education, Social-economic rights

The Ministry of Education, through its “We Continue Educating” website made available a collection of digital educational materials and resources. The resources are organized by educational level, format, and subject…

Public Emergency Decree 766/2020 (Emergencia Pública Decreto 766/2020) Housing, Social-economic rights

Public Emergency Decree 766/2020 contains provisions on “suspension of evictions” and “freezing of rental prices.” This decree followed Emergency Decree 320/2020 issued on March 29, 2020, which similarly contained such…