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Caring for People of Determination Amid COVID-19 Equality, Persons with disabilities

The government has put into place several initiatives to support “people of determination” (Note: “The UAE refers to the people with disabilities as ‘people of determination’ in recognition of their…

Etisalat and Du Provide Mobile Internet for Families Who Have No Home Internet to Enable Distance Learning Civil and political rights, Technology and digital rights

The “TRA [Telecommunications Regulatory Authority] announced that it has coordinated with service providers to provide free internet data via mobile phone to families with no home internet services, in order…

Minister of Climate Change and Environment Reinforces Importance of Green Economy as Cornerstone for Post-COVID-19 Recovery Environmental justice, Governance

During the “First Ministerial Meeting on COVID-19 and the Environment in West Asia” Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi, the Minister of Climate Change and Environment, emphasized “that expediting the transition to…

Abu Dhabi’s AgTech Ecosystem Expands Across Land, Sea and Space Economic and fiscal policy responses, Governance

The Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) provided financial and non-financial incentives to three companies, totaling AED 152 million (USD 41 million). The research and technologies developed by these companies will…