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Human Rights

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Statement about measures with positive impact

Ghana COVID-19 Alleviation and Revitalization of Enterprises Support (Ghana CARES)

Relevant sections of this program include: measures “to relieve hardships on Ghanaians by reducing the cost of basic services; ensuring food security; protecting businesses and workers; and further strengthening the health system” as well as job creation, with a focus on “support to women-owned businesses and access to employment by women” and “provid[ing] access to re-training programmes for workers that lose their jobs, particularly due to COVID-19.” The plan also calls for the establishment of “a national Unemployment Insurance Scheme for workers” to “provide temporary income support to workers that are laid off and also provide them access to retraining programmes to help them take advantage of employment opportunities in new fields.” This is intended to not only provide help to those who experienced job loss as a result of COVID but also to “become an important pillar of resistance in [the] labour market going forward.”