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Extraordinary Distribution of the Amount of € 2,255,000.00, from the Central Independent Resources for the Year 2020 in Municipalities of Chora, to Cover Needs to Avoid the Spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 in Roma and other Settlements (ΘΕΜΑ: Έκτακτη κατανομή ποσού 2.255.000,00 €, από τους Κεντρικούς Αυτοτελείς Πόρους έτους 2020 σε Δήμους της Χώρας, προς κάλυψη αναγκών για την αποφυγή της διάδοσης του κορονοϊού COVID-19 σε οικισμούς και καταυλισμούς Ρομά) Equality, Racial and ethnic minorities

The Ministry of Interior’s fund (“Central Independent Resources of Municipalities”) containing € 2,255,000.00 will be distributed to municipalities “for supplies of material as well as other services related to addressing…