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Technical Guidelines for the Prevention of COVID-19 in Indigenous Territories, Version 1 (Lineamientos Técnicos para la Prevención de COVID-19 en Territorios Indígenas, Versión 1) Equality, Indigenous peoples

The Ministry of Health published a set of guidelines to protect indigenous populations from COVID-19 that include actions relating to communal participation in the prevention of COVID-19, communication and prevention…

Recommendations for the Prevention of COVID-19 in the Afro-descendant Population (Recomendaciones para la Prevención del COVID-19 en Población Afrodescendiente) Equality, Racial and ethnic minorities

Costa Rica’s Ministry of Health published a set of guidelines to protect Afrodescendant populations from COVID-19. These include actions relating to communication (for example guaranteeing principles of equality and non-discrimination,…

General Protocol for the Distribution of Food in Public Education Centers with the Suspension of Lessons, as a Result of the COVID-19 National Emergency (Protocolo General para la Distribución de Alimentos en Centros Educativos Públicos con Suspensión de Lecciones, a Raíz de la Emergencia Nacional por COVID-19) Children, Equality

The Ministry of Public Education put into place a protocol which authorizes the delivery of food packages during the suspension of classes to guarantee the continuation of food service that…

Costa Rica Launches Financial Program for Women Who Protect Natural Resources Environmental justice, Governance

The Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) together with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), as well as the Office of the First Vice President of the Republic, launched the…