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The Ministry of Women Decides to Incorporate the WhatsApp [Helpline] as a Permanent Care Service (Ministerio de la Mujer Decide Incorporar el Whatsapp de Ayuda a Mujeres Como Servicio Permanente de Atención) Equality, Violence against women

The Minister of Women and Gender Equity, jointly with other government institutions, announced that the WhatsApp of the Ministry of Women and Gender Equity, which “offers help through silent messages…

SUBREI Ratifies Agreement to Fourth Agreement of Clean Production of the Industry of the Sustainable Processed Food Industry The IV Clean Production Agreement (APL) of the Processed Food Industry (SUBREI ratifica compromiso a IV Acuerdo de Producción Limpia de la Industria de Alimentos Procesados Sustentable) Employment, Environmental justice, Governance, Social-economic rights

The objectives of the Fourth Clean Production Act of the Industry of Processed Foods, an agreement between private and public bodies, signed by a range of government ministries, including the…