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Bhutan Vaccination Program Health, Social-economic rights

As of April 2021, according to a government press brief, 93.69% of the “eligible population” had been vaccinated (472,139 people). On March 25, 2021, “400,000 doses of Covishield vaccine ….

COVID-19 Response Plan for Ministry of Education Education, Social-economic rights

The Ministry of Education of has “carried out” a “preparedness and response” plan that followed a Plan outlined by the “Education Disaster Response Coordination Mechanism (EDRCM).” Elements of this plan…

Call 1010 for Domestic Violence Help Equality, Violence against women

According to a royal decree “all necessary measures” were ordered to “be put in place to assist any person who is experiencing or feels at risk of domestic violence and…

e-Litigation Platform- to Ensure Uninterrupted Access to Justice Governance, Rule of law

Bhutan’s judiciary launched an “e-Litigation platform” in order “enable virtual hearing of cases” for the purpose of “ensur[ing] uninterrupted access to justice particularly for remote, far-flung communities during and beyond…